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Nick Bilton On Twitter's Creation Myth & 'Forgotten Founder'

Thursday's stock darling was an idea that came out of one man's loneliness. Bilton shares details of the betrayals and ousters during Twitter's earliest days.

Meet The Man Who Wants To Diversify Silicon Valley By 2040

There are few blacks who have made it big in the Valley. Tristan Walker is one of them, and he's now trying to open doors so that others can make it too. Now, he's an entrepreneur-in-residence at an influential venture capital firm and founded Code2040, a group that aims to recruit blacks and Latinos for tech and engineering jobs.

Twitter Goes Public And Its Stock Price Soars

Trading in shares of the social-networking site Twitter began Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange. It's been the best year for initial public offerings since 2007. And the Twitter IPO was the most eagerly awaited of the year.

On Twitter's IPO Day, A Look At How 5 Tech Stocks Have Fared

As eyes turn to the markets on Twitter's first day of trading, NPR wondered how some other tech stocks have performed since their IPOs. Some have soared, some have stumbled.

Stanford Professor Who Sounded Alert On Multitasking Has Died

"People who multitask all the time can't filter out irrelevancy. They can't manage a working memory. They're chronically distracted," sociologist Clifford Nass said. The Stanford University professor died earlier this week.

Twitter Makes Market Debut

The New York Stock Exchange is at the center of attention Thursday morning as Twitter goes public at $26 per share. That means company is expected to raise almost $2 billion. For the latest on this highly anticipated IPO, NPR's Zoe Chace talks with host David Greene.

Twitter Pops To Around $45 A Share

The social media site expects to raise $1.8 billion. Many are watching to see how it fares and whether there are any problems such as those that plagued Facebook's initial public offering in May 2012.

4-D Printing Means Building Things That Build Themselves

You've heard of 3-D printing — now add one more dimension. Researchers are figuring out how to create structures that move and respond to their environment after they're printed.

The Tech Team Podcast, Episode 1: Kids And Technology

If you missed any of our kids and technology coverage last week, now you can listen to all the stories in one podcast.

Apple's Decision To Make Glass In Arizona Will Create Hundreds Of Jobs

Technology giant Apple is buying a large manufacturing space in Arizona, where high-tech glass for its devices will be produced. The move is being hailed in Arizona, where the economy remains slowed by the U.S. housing market crisis.