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Technology May Turn You Into A Bigger Tipper

We're used to rounding up the total on our taxi ride or dropping a buck or two in a jar at the coffee shop. Now, new high-tech ways to pay are nudging us to tip more generously and more often.

Frustrated Cities Take High-Speed Internet Into Their Own Hands

College Station, Texas, is losing "countless companies" to towns with faster Internet, one councilman says. It's now one of several cities considering a more aggressive approach to securing broadband.

By The Time Your Car Goes Driverless, You Won't Know The Difference

The once-futuristic concept is closer than ever to becoming a reality. Parallel parking? Let the car find the perfect approach. Squeezing into a tight space? Hop out and use your smart phone.

Can Playing Minecraft Teach Kids To Code?

While young Minecraft players are building virtual castles or protecting themselves from monsters, they could also be learning about technology. Tell Me More looks at lessons from the game.

Our Supercomputer Overlord Is Now Running A Food Truck

IBM's Watson, known for crushing the human competition on Jeopardy!, is now a sous-chef. It's spitting out novel ingredient combos for human chefs to cook, and hitting the road with sample dishes.

If There's Privacy In The Digital Age, It Has A New Definition

Even staunch privacy advocates are concluding that it's impossible to protect personal data completely. The best hope for online privacy, they say, lies in legal safeguards that prevent abuse.

What Your Data's Worth: Probably Not As Much As You Think

Data Brokerage can be big business. Brokers sell profiles filled with your purchases, your favorite stores and more. But, as Emily Steel of the Financial Times explains, your profile's quite cheap.

To Get More Women In Tech, Start At Home And School

Tell Me More celebrates Women's History Month with the series "Women in Tech." Diverse voices will share ideas on bridging the gender gap in tech fields. The series begins with two startup founders.

CarPlay: Apple Unveils Plan Linking iPhones To Honda, Volvo, Others

The system aims to keep drivers from fumbling with their phones while they're behind the wheel, even as it brings them more options (and potential distractions).

Here's Ellen's Star-Stuffed Oscar Selfie That Broke Twitter

What happens when some of Hollywood's biggest stars snap a group photo live on TV and then tweet it? Lots and lots of retweets, that's what. A record number, in fact.