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The Environmental Outlook: Debate Over Ethanol And The Future Of Biofuels

For this month's Environmental Outlook: The EPA has proposed reducing the amount of ethanol required to be mixed with gasoline. Debate over U.S. ethanol policy and the future of advanced biofuels.

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Efforts To Promote Transparency In Online Advertising

The Federal Trade Commission this week examines the way digital media present paid ads to consumers. The growing sophistication of targeted online ads and efforts to ensure transparency.


Black Tech Game Changers

Tell Me More hosts a special twitter series with African-American entrepreneurs and tech innovators to find out what a day in their life is like. Listeners tweet their questions using @TellMeMoreNPR or #NPRBlacksinTech and the participants will answer them over the course of three weeks.

I Can Haz Spanish Lessons: Cat Pictures Now Have A Purpose

It's no secret cats rule the Internet. Now, just flipping through cat pictures can be an educational experience. A new iOS app called Cat Spanish teaches 1,000 basic phrases by showing you flash cards of cute cats.
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Virginia Drone Pilot Captures Footage Of Creepy Abandoned Fair Grounds

The spooky site of the abandoned Virginia Renaissance Faire in the woods of Fredericksburg is supposed to be off-limits to photographers, but not for one man who is able to fly a camera in from a safe distance.


Katie Couric And Yahoo!: Two Brands Wondering What's Next

Katie Couric's leap to Yahoo! has been hailed as a landmark and criticized as an awkward misstep. But Eric Deggans sees in both Couric and Yahoo! media brands struggling to find a way forward.

The Misery Of Holiday Travel, In One Real-Time Map

As sleet, snow and rain batter parts of the country, here's a real-time look at the collective suffering of holiday travelers.

Census Aims To Bring Statistics Home With A New Mobile App

The U.S. Census Bureau's new mobile app, called dwellr, aims to help Americans understand where they live — and maybe where they should live.

Jury Orders Newegg To Pay $2.3 Million In 'Patent Troll' Case

Online retailer Newegg has lost a patent case centering on web encryption, as a Texas jury orders the company to pay damages to the company TQP Development. Newegg says it will appeal the verdict, which came after several encryption experts testified on its behalf.

Papers, Please: The Game That Puts Your Sympathy To The Test

In the "dystopian document thriller," you are an immigration agent on the border of the fictional nation of Arstotzka. Will you follow the rules? Or will you aid those fighting against the establishment?