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Obama Spotlights High-Speed Internet Success In Iowa

President Obama visited Cedar Falls, Iowa, on Wednesday to spotlight that community's investment in an affordable, high-speed Internet system. The president wants to encourage similar systems elsewhere, but community-owned networks face challenges from commercial Internet providers.

Broadband A 'Necessity,' Obama Says, As He Pushes FCC To Expand Access

The president is asking the agency to address state laws that could inhibit competition for high-speed Internet service. The move could draw opposition from major cable and Internet companies.

A Photoshopped Response Sticks Up For China's Plunging Necklines

After a TV drama was yanked from Chinese airwaves so censors could cover up some low-cut outfits, snarky social media users have responded by Photoshopping coverings for cleavage everywhere.

A Closer Look At Obama's Plan To Protect Consumer Data

This week, President Obama is talking about cybersecurity. One proposal sounds pretty straightforward: Alert users if their data has been hacked within 30 days. But critics say it misses the mark.

Facebook To Post Amber Alerts To Help Find Missing Kids

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says social networking and sharing are essential in helping to find minors who may have been abducted.

Jury Selection To Begin For Accused Silk Road Mastermind

Ross Ulbricht is accused of running the now defunct site. For years, the website allowed hundreds of thousands of drug buyers, and thousands of drug dealers, to find each other online anonymously.

Video Game Based On Ancient Story Aims For Audiences In Iran, Beyond

Two entrepreneurs with Iranian roots hope to make an international splash with a new online multiplayer game that is an update of a 1,000-year-old Iranian poem.

Imagining A Future When The Doctor's Office Is In Your Home

You can now monitor your heart rhythm with your cell phone. Dr. Eric Topol imagines a day when patients will be doing a lot more of their own medical testing, with doctors as advisers.

Bored ... And Brilliant? A Challenge To Disconnect From Your Phone

Studies suggest we get our most original ideas when we stop the constant stimulation and let ourselves get bored. The podcast New Tech City is challenging you to disconnect — and see what happens.

At CES, A Gadget To Fix Everything — Except Broken Relationships

Commentator Judy Carter went to last week's Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas after a fight with her wife and tried to find gadgets to repair the relationship. She failed.