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Half A Million 'Hoverboards' Recalled Over Risk Of Fire, Explosions

Self-balancing scooters — better known as hoverboards (though they do not hover) — can spark, smoke, catch fire or explode, says the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

#LintonLies: How Zambians Are Using Social Media To Talk Back

Zambians have turned to Twitter to point out factual errors and criticize the tone in a British actress's memoir about her gap year in their country.

Saying Goodbye To BlackBerry's Iconic Original Keyboard

BlackBerry says it's discontinuing the final model that has the traditional clickety keyboard and trackpad — darlings of government workers, business people and early episodes of House of Cards.
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Will A Slugging App Improve Commutes During SafeTrack?

Kojo explores slugging and the way it might be simplified through technology.


Trump Tweets: A History Of Gaffes From Wife Comparisons To The 6-Point Star

Trump's "sheriff star" tweet marks another unforced error for the campaign, in what's become an almost constant stream of gaffes and blunders.

What Comes Next For NASA After Juno? Not Much

Enjoy Juno's trip to Jupiter — after that we'll see a little gap in planetary science missions from the U.S. That's because a NASA budget crunch several years ago left fewer missions in the pipeline.

Brexit Could Threaten England's Global Technology Status

London-based tech companies face the uncertainty of the upcoming exit from the European Union. Many worry about less investment and less access to the talent they need to grow. Some may just leave.

Lock Screen: At These Music Shows, Phones Go In A Pouch And Don't Come Out

The Lumineers are among many artists frustrated by people on their mobile devices during performances. Their singer explains why they're asking fans to lock up their phones with a new technology.

How Blockchain Helps Brooklyn Dwellers Use Neighbors' Solar Energy

A project called TransActive Grid is testing a new way to trade solar power among neighbors. For now only credits are being traded — not actual energy — using the technology that underpins bitcoin.

Irked By Broadcast Coverage, Gymnastics Sites Aim To Raise The Bar

As the Olympic trials loom in women's gymnastics, an informal group of blogs and podcasts called the "gymternet" has been shaking up how the sport is covered — focusing on athleticism, not sparkles.