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A Year After Snowden, U.S. Tech Losing Trust Overseas

It's not every day that an industry in hypergrowth loses trust with its customers in a big way. That's what has happened with American companies in cloud computing such as Cisco.

Women 'Complain A Lot, Interrupt,' Developer Says At Conference

At a tech conference in Berlin, a developer compared a software plug-in framework to his girlfriend, saying she "complains, interrupts" and "doesn't play well with others."

Hydroponic Tomatoes May One Day Be Tastier Than Ones Grown Outside

Advances in greenhouse technology have made growing flavorful tomatoes year-round easier. And scientists say climate change may soon make it harder to grow delicious tomatoes outdoors in fields.

A New Way To Unclog A Toilet (At Your Own Risk)

This is definitely not your dad's rubber plunger. This week's featured innovation, from South Korea, is a plastic film that sticks to the bowl and helps create clog-clearing positive pressure.

Into The Virtual Reality Lab With Pioneering Researchers

Facebook's acquisition of Oculus VR has raised hopes for a decades-old technology. Some researchers believe virtual reality has the potential to transform everything from medicine to teaching.

Have We Reached The End Of The Line For The Conference Call?

Fresh Air tech contributor Alexis Madrigal considers why people still jump on frustrating conference calls. While tech startups aim to kill the PIN, he says, the phone bridges generations.

John Oliver Helps Rally 45,000 Net Neutrality Comments To FCC

The comedian used 13 minutes of his Sunday program to convince viewers to reach out to the Federal Communications Commission about open Internet rules. They responded and crashed the FCC servers.

A Connected Life Means More Than Just Smart Appliances

Wim Elfrink, the executive vice president of Cisco, speaks to Robert Siegel about the Internet of Things and how Cisco plans to participate in this growing market.

With The Internet Of Things, 'The Jetsons Lifestyle Is Upon Us'

For more on the Internet of Things, Audie Cornish speaks with Alex Hawkinson, CEO of the startup company SmartThings, about the possibilities of this emerging space and technology.

Apple Makes A Play For 'Smart Homes' By Connecting Appliances

The tech giant announced it's working on putting technical intelligence inside our homes, getting us closer to the fabled Jetsons house where all our appliances are automated.