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How Dame Shirley Jumped Over Tech's Gender Gap In The 1960s

Dame Stephanie "Steve" Shirley founded one of the U.K.'s first software startups, run almost entirely by women. The industry still has gender inequality, but Shirley showed alternatives were possible.

Uber's Rapid Growth Pits Innovation Against Existing Laws

The fast-growing startup is operating in more than 100 cities around the world. But Uber, which is valued at $17 billion, faces opposition from traditional taxis and regulators.

How Well Do Tech Companies Protect Your Data From Snooping?

We looked at 15 top companies and services that handle your email or store your data every day to see what steps they take to keep it from prying eyes. See how they stack up.

A High School Band Where Everyone's Voice Can Be Heard

One music teacher has used tablets to change life for students at a New York school. The members of the school's orchestra have learning disabilities. For some, the band has opened up their world.

Across Europe, Anti-Uber Protests Clog City Streets

Cabbies from London to Berlin are protesting the smartphone-based, on-demand car service Uber. They say Uber should be subject to the same rules as taxis; many fear they'll be driven out of business.

iPads Allow Kids With Challenges To Play In High School Band

On the surface, the PS 177 Technology Band looks like a typical high school orchestra. But there are two big differences.

Project Eavesdrop: What Passive Surveillance Collects

Over the past year, we've learned a lot about what the National Security Agency can do. Our technology correspondent allowed his phone and Internet activities to be monitored to see what was revealed.

Arab Entrepreneurs Head To Silicon Valley To Grow Their Ventures

As they seek to scale their businesses to the next level, innovators from the Middle East and North Africa are hacking, pitching to venture capitalists and brainstorming with CEOs.

Drones Approved: FAA Gives OK To First Commercial Use Over Land

Under a waiver, energy giant BP will use a drone to conduct surveys over large oil fields in Alaska. FAA regulations ban the commercial use of drones in America's skies.

Microsoft And Sony Kick Off E3 With Dueling Announcements

Every year, gamers turn their eyes to Los Angeles for E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. It's the annual video game industry convention.