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The New Mozilla CEO's Political Past Is Imperiling His Present

When Mozilla, best known for the Firefox browser, hired Brendan Eich as its CEO, it ignited a firestorm over free speech and equal rights. Now, the dating site OkCupid is getting involved.

Feds Will Require Rearview Cameras On Vehicles In 2018

The rule will apply to all new vehicles under 10,000 pounds, which includes small subcompacts all the way to commercial vans. The government says the new rule could save more than 60 lives a year.
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Michael Lewis: "Flash Boys"

American stock exchanges are designed to favor an elite group of high-frequency traders, at the expense of everyday investors. A new book by "Moneyball" author Michael Lewis tells the tale.

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Warner Wants Ukraine's Help Fighting Cyber Crime

The hackers responsible for the security breach at Target stores came from the Ukraine, and Virginia Sen. Mark Warner wants their help in putting a stop to these crimes.


Printing Wikipedia Would Take 1 Million Pages, But That's Sort Of The Point

A German-based group called PediaPress estimates that a print version of the ever-evolving, online encyclopedia would fill more than 1,000 1,200-page volumes. Now they just need $50,000 to do it.

Wikipedia Holds An Edit-A-Thon To Draw Women Editors

A Wikipedia edit-a-thon is designed to encourage women to contribute to the online encyclopedia. Sara Snyder of the Smithsonian American Art Museum tells NPR's Scott Simon why.

Monsignor Brings Pope's Tweets To The World, In Latin

Vatican Latinist Monsignor Daniel Gallagher has a unique job: He translates Pope Francis's tweets into Latin. And with 231,000 followers, the @Pontifex_ln Twitter handle is a hit.

Why Playing Minecraft Might Be More Healthful For Kids Than TV

Children playing on phones or using computers eat less junk food than those watching TV, a study finds. Maybe it's the commercials. Or maybe it's just hard to pick up a chip while tapping away.
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The Computer Guys And Gal

Facebook shocks the gaming world with its $2 billion purchase of virtual reality headset-maker Oculus and Microsoft introduces Office for iPad. The Computer Guys and Gal are here.


Tijuana's New Breed Of Entrepreneurs Create Technical Businesses

In the Mexican border city of Tijuana, entrepreneurs are going after a share of the Internet economy that usually goes to Asia. At a business incubator, they want to work with U.S. tech companies.