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Smartwatch Is Next Step In 'Quantified Self' Life-Logging

Smartwatches are capturing imaginations because of what they can measure about their wearers. A watch touches your skin, so it can take your pulse, measure your temperature and record the quality of your sleep.

VIDEO: 'I Killed A Man' Confessor Is Indicted

Matthew Cordle's online confession that he was driving drunk when he caused a fatal accident has gone viral. On Monday, it was announced that a grand jury has indicted the 22-year-old Cordle on a charge of aggravated vehicular homicide. He could go to jail for more than eight years.
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Small Businesses And Technology

Time and money are often in short supply for small business owners, and investing in technology doesn't always rise to the top of their priority lists. We consider new options for small businesses on the tech front, with a look at local programs and national trends.


Net Neutrality In Court: Here's What You Need To Know

In a potentially landmark case, judges will decide whether the federal government can enforce rules and laws around broadband as it becomes more central to our culture and economy.
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NSA Surveillance And The Legacy Of 9/11

Kojo examines new revelations about NSA surveillance and explores the tension between national security and personal privacy.


Verizon, FCC Go To Court Over Net Neutrality

Opening statements in the court case FCC vs. Verizon begin Monday. This case could determine the FCC's legal ability to enforce the principle known as net neutrality. At issue is whether the federal government may block Internet service providers from slowing or blocking certain online content.

It's OK To Protest In China, Just Don't March

China runs the largest censorship machine in human history, researchers say. But Harvard studies of Internet postings in China suggest that even vitriolic criticisms of leaders and state policies are not what officials want to censor.

Baltimore Officials Want To Unplug Phones-For-Cash Kiosks

The machines allow people to turn their old cellphones and other electronic devices into instant cash. But these ecoATMs could be banned in Baltimore, where at least one lawmaker believes the machines are a magnet for electronics thieves.

In China, Avoiding The 'Great Firewall' Internet Censors

In China, the Internet isn't the free-for-all that it is in the United States. China's communist government censors what's published and some of what's shared online. But some citizens are working around government censors by using agreed-upon "public" code.

NSA Able To Crack Basic Web Encryption

The agency has access to individuals' most private information, including banking reports, medical records and email, reports Jeff Larson of ProPublica. Host Scott Simon speaks to Larson, whose article appeared in Friday's New York Times and Guardian newspapers.