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Weaned On Youth, Silicon Valley Keeps Older Workers On Sidelines

Writer Noam Scheiber talks about a predominant strain of ageism in the tech industry, a Silicon Valley culture which often prizes youth as commodity and relegates older workers to token roles.

Does Google Glass Distract Drivers? The Debate Is On

Google Glass is a lightweight frame that sits on the nose with a tiny computer built into the lens. Before it even hits stores, lawmakers in several states want to ban it on the roads.

Apples Vs. Oranges: Google Tool Offers Ultimate Nutrition Smackdown

Lawyers may tell you not to compare apples with oranges. But Google's new tool allows you to compare the nutrition of any food in a huge government database. You might even learn something surprising.

What To Do With Your Smartphone While You're Having Dinner

Norms around what we're supposed to do with our digital devices at mealtime — and during other human interactions — are changing. Where do you draw the line on smartphone use?

High-Tech Training Programs Try Deferred Payment System

The U.S. has more high-tech jobs open than it can fill. The problem is many of these programs cost tens of thousands of dollars which makes them out of reach for folks who are out of work.

Reviewing Restaurants For The Heartbroken Masses

Chase Compton wrote a series of Yelp reviews chronicling his relationship and breakup with the "love of his life." NPR's Rachel Martin talks to him about sharing his heartbreak on Yelp.

Preserving Audio For The Future Is A Race Against Time

Old records are breaking, cassette tapes are warping, even digital recordings can become obsolete. The Library of Congress is working to save millions of the nation's recordings before they're lost.

Need Money For Your Startup? Being An Attractive Male May Help

When men and women pitch the same business idea to venture capitalists, men are awarded money more often. A new study found that appearance also factors into whether or not an idea will get funded.

Latest Leak: NSA Burrowed Into Chinese Telecom Giant's Servers

Documents provided by "NSA leaker" Edward Snowden highlight the spy agency's efforts, The New York Times and Der Spiegel report.

Tech Week: Robots, Turkish Twitter And A Frustrated Zuckerberg

In this week's roundup, tensions between tech companies and the NSA run hot, the simmering debate over women in tech continues and Turkey bans Twitter. What's next?