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Risk Is Low And Business Is Booming In The Malware Market

In a thriving underground, stolen credit card information goes on sale before anyone even knows a massive breach has happened.

Video Streaming Is Straining, But Who Will Ease The Tension?

Services like Netflix take up a lot of bandwidth, and their increasing popularity is fueling a dispute between these companies and the Internet service providers that carry them.

What's Up With Facebook's Big Acquisition?

Facebook paid $19 billion for the instant messaging service WhatsApp even though it's never disclosed whether it's profitable. Aarti Shahani of KQED explains what Facebook sees in its new acquisition.

Deep Learning: Teaching Computers To Tell Things Apart

The first step in recognizing people could be telling the difference between a cat and a dog. Facebook is investing in artificial intelligence research, with the hopes of better sorting your photos.

Why Facebook Thinks WhatsApp Is Worth $19 Billion

To put things in perspective, the global messaging platform WhatsApp that Facebook picked up is worth more than Southwest Airlines. But is the price justified?

Data Breach At University Of Maryland Exposes 309,000 Records

The records from staff, faculty and students date back to 1998 and include social security numbers, names and dates of birth.

Facebook To Buy WhatsApp Message Service

Facebook is buying an instant messaging service called WhatsApp for an eye-popping $19 billion. It's the latest salvo in an arms race by Silicon Valley giants to stockpile mobile technology.

FCC To Propose New Rules On Internet Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission announced on Wednesday it will not appeal last month's ruling by a federal appeals court that overturned its Open Internet rules.

Facebook Will Buy WhatsApp Message Service For $19 Billion

WhatsApp makes a text messaging app that works on all major smartphone operating systems. Founded in Silicon Valley less than five years ago, the company has 55 employees.

'Bluish' Light May Help Alzheimer's Patients Find Bearings

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is trying to help Alzheimer's patients experience fewer behavioral issues. Robert Siegel speaks with researcher Mariana Figueiro and psychiatrist Guerman Ermolenko.