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The Internet Will Be Everywhere In 2025, For Better Or Worse

A new report by the Pew Research Center predicts that the Internet will magnify our awareness of the world, eliminate privacy and become as embedded in our lives as electricity is today.

Seattle Moves To Curb Uber, Other Ride-Share Services

Taxi companies have been vocal opponents of web-based "ride-share" services, which they say have an unfair advantage because they're playing by different rules.

Plane Lost, Uncertainties Regained

The mystery of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is all the more troubling given how certain we seem to be about everything around us. Has technology inoculated us from reality?

SXSW: Software, Apps Still Rule But A Hardware Resurgence Is On

Technology talk is often focused on software and programs that run inside our devices. But a "maker movement" is driving interest toward making the physical devices themselves.

Path To Television's Future May Be Paved In Virtual Reality

On display at South by Southwest is an attempt to create the future of storytelling. HBO is working with Oculus — maker of virtual reality goggles — to put the audience right into Game of Thrones.

Keep Austin Wary: Snowden Streams Warnings To Tech Conference

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden addressed the South by Southwest Interactive Festival, urging developers to build encryption systems to stifle government snooping.

#NPRWIT Wants Your Ideas

Throughout March, Tell Me More is engaging with women innovators across the globe as they live-tweet a day in their lives on Twitter. Email your thoughts to or use hashtag #NPRWIT.
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SXSW: Snowden Speech Has Conference Buzzing, Congressman Stewing

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden will take questions from South By Southwest attendees via videoconference Monday. A Kansas congressman wants SXSW to rescind the invitation.

Of Cigs And Selfies: Teens Imitate Risky Behavior Shared Online

It used to be parents worried that their kids were hanging out with the wrong crowd. Now they need to worry about hanging out with the wrong crowd on Instagram. But do online influences matter?