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Critics Renew Calls For More Diverse Video Game Characters

Women make up a significant proportion of dedicated gamers, but they were hardly represented on stage and in games previewed at a big game industry trade event in Los Angeles.
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Job Hunting in the Digital Age

Online social networks are becoming ever more important in the job hunt, but both opportunities and pitfall abound. We explore the evolving nature of job seeking in the digital age.


iPads In Special Ed: What Does The Research Say?

There are 8 million iPads in the classroom, but only a few thousand studies of their effectiveness.

At E3, Critics Renew Calls For More Diverse Video Game Characters

Even though women make up a significant proportion of dedicated gamers, there are few female protagonists in big-selling video games. The same goes for ethnic and racial minorities.

Here's One Big Way Your Mobile Phone Could Be Open To Hackers

Unsecure Wi-Fi networks have been a well-known vulnerability in the tech industry for years. They can let even an unsophisticated hacker capture your traffic and possibly steal your identity.

Q&A: Nintendo President Says Don't Count Out Mario

The once-powerful name in gaming has been relegated to third-place status in recent years. Nintendo of America chief Reggie Fils-Aime says Mario and other franchises are key to the company's future.

Starbucks Makes Itself More Addictive With Wireless Phone Charging

If you have a capable device, no more cords or outlets required to charge your smartphone — not at Starbucks locations, anyway.

Facebook Announces Plans To Sell More User Data To Advertisers

Facebook will share users' Web browsing habits with advertisers in order to help the latter target their ads more effectively. At the same time, Facebook announced a feature that allows users to see why targeted ads are coming their way.

In A Sunny Britain, Would We Read Classics Like 'David Coppertone'?

Much great literature is informed by British gloom, from the Hound of the Baskervilles stalking the moor to Macbeth plotting in his dark castle. We wondered how a brighter Blighty would change that.

Facebook Ad Targeting Will Use Even More Of Your Data

It will start drawing on Web browsing data to determine what ads users see, while allowing them to edit their own data profiles. Privacy advocates say the changes put too much burden on consumers.