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Is A Threat On Facebook Real? Supreme Court Will Weigh In

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case involving perceived death threats on Facebook. The court and the company could have starkly different approaches to identifying credible threats.

Your Favorite Musicians, Straight From Their Laptop To Yours

If you'd like to catch some live music tonight, you may find some surprising options without even leaving home. Online, bands are performing concerts — and making money — using virtual venues.

Harley-Davidson's New Bike Hums, Instead Of Roaring

Harley-Davidson wants fans of motorcycles often called "hogs" to get to know its new electric bike that's quiet and has zero emissions.

Iraq Turmoil: How Extremists Use Social Media To Gain Support

Government clashes continue in Iraq after an attack on an oil refinery. The extremist group ISIS may be responsible. Tell Me More learns how the militant fighters use technology to win supporters.

Supreme Court Rules Against Patents For Abstract Ideas

At issue in the case, Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International: Do software inventions get the same kinds of patent protections as other inventions? The court's decision was unanimous.

With Loyal Customers In Mind, Amazon Unveils Fire Phone

At a gala party on Wednesday, Amazon launched its first smartphone. It is distinguished from other phones by the ease with which you can use it to buy things from Amazon.

Amazon Raises The Curtain On A Fire Of Its Own

At an unveiling in Seattle, online retail giant Amazon announced its entry into the smartphone market with a new device called "Fire."

Amazon Unleashes Fire Phone To Compete With Apple, Samsung

The new entry into the smartphone arena offers unlimited cloud storage for photos and a 3-D camera with image stabilization.

Someday Soon You May Swallow A Computer With Your Pill

Fresh Air tech contributor Alexis Madrigal explains how a tiny computer attaches to a pill you ingest to record how your body responds. It sounds crazy, he says, but it was approved by the FDA.

What Does Body Ink Say About NBA Players' Pain And Personalities?

According to Ethan Swan's blog 'NBA Tattoos,' 55 percent of basketball players in the league are tattooed. Swan shares what he's learned about the athletes from tracking their body ink.