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Amazon Raises The Curtain On A Fire Of Its Own

At an unveiling in Seattle, online retail giant Amazon announced its entry into the smartphone market with a new device called "Fire."

Amazon Unleashes Fire Phone To Compete With Apple, Samsung

The new entry into the smartphone arena offers unlimited cloud storage for photos and a 3-D camera with image stabilization.

Someday Soon You May Swallow A Computer With Your Pill

Fresh Air tech contributor Alexis Madrigal explains how a tiny computer attaches to a pill you ingest to record how your body responds. It sounds crazy, he says, but it was approved by the FDA.

What Does Body Ink Say About NBA Players' Pain And Personalities?

According to Ethan Swan's blog 'NBA Tattoos,' 55 percent of basketball players in the league are tattooed. Swan shares what he's learned about the athletes from tracking their body ink.

How Yahoo's Diversity Numbers Compare With Google's

Yahoo has released its diversity figures as the tech industry grapples with a gender gap and low numbers of blacks and Latinos in its ranks.

Settlement Brings An Early End To Apple's Price-Fixing Case

Apple has reached an out-of-court settlement with states' attorneys general and a number of other complainants over e-book price fixing. Apple had been facing some $800 million in damages.

Democrats Unveil A Bill To Ban Internet Fast Lanes

Lawmakers are stepping into the ongoing tussle over whether companies should have to pay more for faster Internet service to consumer homes.

Can Schools Solve The Tech Industry's Pipeline Problem?

It might be time to change the message on STEM.

Software That Sees Employees, Not Outsiders, As The Real Threat

Security software that's meant to prevent data loss in firms is shifting the focus to employee behavior, monitoring activity round-the-clock in search of bad intent. But will bosses go too far?

How Retailers Use Smartphones To Track Shoppers In The Store

Retailers aren't only tracking consumers online; they're also doing it when consumers shop in brick-and-mortar stores. Robert Siegel talks to Latanya Sweeney, chief technology officer for the Federal Trade Commission, about how the tracking works and whether consumers can opt out.