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Virtual Reality's Next Hurdle: Overcoming 'Sim Sickness'

Researchers as well as virtual reality hardware and software makers are working to better understand motion sickness caused by some VR technologies.

Privacy Is Serious Business At Black Hat Security Conference

Hackers and cybersleuths abound at two tech conferences in Las Vegas. NPR's Lourdes Garcia-Navarro talks to correspondent Aarti Shahani about what new technological threats are lurking.

Tech Week: Hackers Meet, FCC's 1.1 Million Comments, Gmail Scans

The FCC made more than 1 million net neutrality comments available, hackers gathered to talk about home appliances that might be spies, and Google scans your "Gmails" for child pornography.
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Planning Parties and Marking Milestones with New Technology

Invitations go out online, ideas for favors and games are sourced via Pinterest, the cake is ordered for delivery through a bakery website and moments captured by guests on cell phones posted instantly to social media. Websites, apps and innovative software platforms keep legwork to a minimum and help streamline the party planning process. We consider the pros and cons of deploying tech ahead of and during milestone events.


When Hackers Test For Flaws, They Might Earn Cash — Or Threats

Security researchers use their hacking skills to look for security holes that companies should fix. But their good intentions aren't always appreciated by the organizations they investigate.

If A Monkey Takes A Photo, Who Owns The Copyright?

In 2011, a macaque took over wildlife photographer David Slater's camera — and took a striking image. Now Slater is clashing with Wikimedia over who owns it.

To Solve Cybercrime, Some In Silicon Valley Ditch The Data

Collecting data about people has become $1 trillion industry, but keeping this information safe is proving near impossible. So, a small group of entrepreneurs and developers are building new technologies that don't rely on data as a digital currency.

Is Your Watch Or Thermostat A Spy? Cybersecurity Firms Are On It

The Internet can reside in almost anything inside your home, which heightens opportunities for hacking your personal privacy. Cybersecurity firms face the tall task of keeping you protected.
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Smartphones, Food Photography and Dining Etiquette

Kojo examines how smartphones are affecting menus and dining etiquette.


1.2 Billion Web Credentials Said To Be In Russian Gang's Hands

From its base in south central Russia, the relatively small group has reportedly collected passwords along with user names and email addresses.