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The Smart Watch That Looks Best Paired With A 'Borrowed' Super Bowl Ring

A Russian company has finally given us the Apple Watch we've all been waiting for: A gold-plated tribute to President Vladimir Putin, featuring the president's signature and the Moscow skyline.

Tesla Model S Can Be Hacked, And Fixed (Which Is The Real News)

Hackers demonstrated they could break into and disable a Model S. But unlike other car companies, Tesla has the ability to quickly patch its software.

On Yelp, Doctors Get Reviewed Like Restaurants — And It Rankles

Doctors hate online rankings, saying patients don't get the nuances of medicine. But health care reviews on Yelp are more positive overall than they are for restaurants and other services.

A Face For STEM: Online Effort Targets Assumptions About Women In Tech

After Isis Anchalee, was used in a recruiting ad by her tech firm, people online debated if she really was an engineer. Her defense went viral and got more women to stand up as faces of engineering.

Cellphone Service Down For Thousands, But Regulators May Never Know Why

State officials say years of deregulation have made it nearly impossible for authorities to find out details from telecom companies.

After Wireless Outage, Some Wonder If Old Phone Networks At Fault

On Tuesday, the four major cell phone providers had an outage that effected tens of thousands. The cause is unclear, but experts say our wireless carriers still rely on aging phone infrastructure.

Obstructions Vanish From Images Treated With New Software From MIT, Google

Researchers say they've figured out how to remove things like chain-link fences, raindrops and glass reflections from photos.

Under Pressure, Google Promises To Update Android Security Regularly

Google recently came under sharp criticism after researchers found a major flaw in Android would let hackers take over smartphones. Now it's launching a new system to protect phones regularly.
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The Future Of D.C. Taxis: Ernest Chrappah Discusses Competition And Change

The new chairman of the D.C. Taxicab Commission wants to make it a nimble, innovating agency. He discussed those goals and the related challenges with WAMU 88.5's Martin Di Caro.


Sexist Reactions To An Ad Spark #ILookLikeAnEngineer Campaign

After being surprised by online responses to her appearance in a recruiting ad, engineer Isis Wenger wanted to see if anyone else felt like they didn't fit a "cookie-cutter mold."