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3 Emerging Themes From #RaceOnTech

This week, our #RaceOnTech discussion has turned up some common themes regarding diversity in the science and technology fields: the role of identity, the wealth gap and the importance of mentors.

Malware And Hacking Forum Darkode Is Shut Down; Dozens Arrested

Those indicted include an accused administrator who created a large network of hacked computers that stole private data "on approximately 200,000,000 occasions."

Biohackers Aim To Make Homebrew Insulin, But Don't Try It Yet

Insulin can be expensive even with insurance, and millions of people need it to stay alive. Proponents of the biohacking movement say it should be possible to make it safely and cheaply.

Wal-Mart Challenges Amazon 'Prime Day' With Rival Sale

It might be July, but retailers are staging a Black Friday style event on Wednesday. Amazon will offer its Prime members thousands of items at discounted prices for one day. Wal-Mart is punching back.

Early Push To Require The HPV Vaccine May Have Backfired

The HPV vaccine has failed to gain market share compared to other new vaccines, even though it's great at preventing cancer. Concerns about teen promiscuity and attempts to require it may be why.
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The Pluto Mission, And Beyond, With NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan

Her father was a rocket engineer for NASA, and she's now the agency's scientist in chief. On the same day a NASA probe reached Pluto, Ellen Stofan discusses the agency's scientific priorities, the search for extraterrestrial life and the landscape for other women to pursue a career like hers.


New Student Loans For A New For-Profit Education Sector

Financing options are multiplying for "coder bootcamps" — small, immersive schools that turn out software developers in weeks rather than years.

Legal Name Change? Facebook Still Won't Let You Be Maj. Major Major Major

The social media titan has been cracking down on names it perceives to be fake, even if they no longer are — as Jemmaroid Von Laalaa recently discovered.

From Fishing With Mom To Becoming A Top Fisheries Official

For NPR's series #RaceOnTech, we are meeting the diverse men and women who work in America's tech and science fields, like Mamie Parker, a fish and wildlife biologist who's a pioneer in her field.

On College Campuses, Suicide Intervention Via Anonymous App

Yik Yak, which allows users to post anonymously, is infamous for bullying and sexist posts. But it has also become a space for college students to post suicidal thoughts and get reassuring responses.