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What's The NSA Doing Now? Training More Cyberwarriors

The military's reliance on cyberspace is outpacing its ability to defend against cyberattacks, according to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Here's how cyberwarriors are being trained.

Innovation: A Gadget That Scrambles The Egg Inside The Shell

This new kitchen tool promises to scramble egg whites and the yolk to create delicious culinary creations, and save you from washing a whisk. A soft cradle keeps the egg from breaking.

From Waltz To '90s Icon: The Unforgettable Life Of The Nokia Ringtone

With the announcement that Nokia will move away from the smartphone market, it's worth taking a moment to remember a sound once ubiquitous, which we might never hear again: the Nokia ringtone.

Psst! Wearable Devices Could Make Big Tech Leaps, Into Your Ear

Get ready for a different kind of distraction. Tech experts predict hearables, which you wear in your ear, are going to hit the market in a big way very soon. And they may change the way we behave.

What Would Dad Do?

There are countless blogs and books for moms and by moms. But now more dads are asking, "What about us?" Robert Nickell talks about his new web show "My Life As A Dad."

Weighing The Risks Of Warrantless Phone Searches During Arrests

Police have long been able to search people without a warrant at the time of their arrest. Two cases before the Supreme Court ask whether cellphones should be off-limits until police get permission.

If We'd Only Known About The Impending Spam

Twenty years ago, NPR alerted staff members that they would soon have access to a new form of communication: "A collection of computer networks that is connected around the world."

As Kickstarter Evolves, Investors Watch For Next $1 Billion Idea

Venture capitalists don't tend to pledge $20 at a time to a scrappy little startup. They look for big investments with big returns. But some are turning to Kickstarter for that next big idea.

U.S. Tells Users To Stop Using Internet Explorer For Now

A bug could allow hackers to install malicious software without users knowing it. Homeland Security said it did not know of a practical fix for the problem.
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Mesh Networks and Spying Online

We learn about the potential uses for off-the-grid systems both overseas and in the U.S.