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N.H. Public Library Reconsiders Support For Anonymous Internet Network Tor

A public library in New Hampshire is allowing the anonymous Internet browsing network Tor to use its servers. Tor relies on a layers of computers to hide the identity of its users. The Department of Homeland Security raised concerns about the decision because Tor can be used to hide illegal activity. But last night the library in Lebanon, N.H., decided the good outweighed the bad. Tor can also be used by people living in repressive regimes to communicate without government oversight.

N.H. Public Library Resumes Support Of 'Tor' Internet Anonymizer

Homeland Security had warned the library supporting Tor could allow criminals to move child pornography anonymously. The library voted to continue its support of Tor, saying any freedom brings risk.
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Relief Coming For I-66 Commutes As Virginia Sharpens Long-Term Tolling Plans

On a stretch where five-mile backups are routine, Virginia is implementing an “active traffic management system.” But officials are aware that it's limited, temporary relief.


3 Astronauts Walk Into NPR ...

The women plus NASA's chief scientist came to talk space exploration, women in STEM, and common misconceptions. Oh, and which foods they wished they had in space.


Thumbs Down: Facebook Finally Will Add A 'Dislike' Mechanism

You've seen it when a friend posts sad news on Facebook — someone clicks the "like" button, then comments that he isn't, in fact, pleased with the misfortune. Soon, there could be a better option.

Appeals Court Rules Youtube Video Of Baby Dancing To Prince Was Fair Use

NPR's Audie Cornish talks to Daniel Nazer of the Electronic Frontier Foundation about the impact of this ruling. An appeals court ruled the music used in the video was an instance of fair use.

#Cashtag: Twitter To Allow Direct Campaign Contributions

The announcement is welcome news for political campaigns, which all want to make it as seamless as possible for supporters to turn over their money and personal information.

Engineers Create A Titanium Rib Cage Worthy Of Wolverine

Doctors say it's the first time a titanium sternum and set of ribs have been made with a 3-D printer. The custom-made device has already been implanted in the chest of a cancer patient in Spain.

Amazon's Bezos Plans To Build, Launch Rockets From Florida

In announcing a new expansion of commercial efforts to launch earthlings into space, founder and CEO Jeff Bezos says the launch pads at Cape Canaveral have been dormant for too long.

When Cyber Fraud Hits Businesses, Banks May Not Offer Protection

Cyberthieves steal hundreds of millions of dollars a year from the bank accounts of U.S. businesses. Many business owners are surprised to find out their bank is not obliged to make them whole.