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Indian Country Sets Priorities With State Of Nations Address

Just days after President Obama delivered his State of the Union, National Congress of American Indians President Brian Cladoosby gave the annual State of Indian Nations address. Host Michel Martin speaks to Cladoosby about the issues facing Indian country this year.

Canada Used Airport Wi-Fi To Track Travelers, Snowden Leak Alleges

The latest secret revealed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden shows how Canada's spy agency experimented with using free Wi-Fi signals to follow travelers. Officials tell CBC News that they were only collecting "metadata," not the contents of communications.

Yahoo Says Email Accounts Were Hacked But Not How Many

The company, which provides the world's second-largest email service, says "the list of usernames and passwords that were used to execute the attack was likely collected from a third-party database compromise."

Reports: Insider Satya Nadella Likely To Be Microsoft's CEO

CEO Steve Ballmer announced last summer that he would be retiring. The search for a successor may be coming to an end. News outlets report that one of Microsoft's executive vice presidents is in line to take over. There's also word that co-founder Bill Gates may be replaced as chairman of the company's board.

Beer Drone Can Buzz The Skies No More, FAA Says

Lakemaid calls itself the fishermen's lager. It had been testing using drones to deliver beer to anglers in thousands of ice shacks, from the frozen northern lakes' combination bait and beer shops.

Small Cinemas Struggle As Film Fades Out Of The Picture

Paramount became the first big studio to distribute a major film in the U.S. only in digital, and others will probably follow. Small cinemas are struggling to raise money for the transition. Despite resistance from some major directors, the end of film is almost upon us.

New York Looks To Bring Bitcoin Out Of The Shadows

Bitcoin has been tied to the dark side of the Internet, where it's been linked to drug trafficking. But New York's financial regulators say they want to foster innovation and are looking to legitimize the virtual currency by licensing it.

A Boarding Pass Design That's So Much Better Than What We Have

You're in a hurry and just want to make your connection. Unfortunately, your boarding pass doesn't make it easy to quickly see the information you need. A British designer has an answer.

A Glimpse At The Face Of Computing, Three Decades On

Three decades ago this year, Apple introduced the Macintosh and ushered in a revolution in home computing. Now, Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks with Steve Henn about the state of the company, as well as what he expects from the next three decades of computing.

Obama's State Of The Union, Playing On A Second Screen Near You

The Obama administration is flooding just about every major social media platform in its major digital push before — and during — the State of the Union address.