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Semi-Automatic Weapons Without A Background Check Can Be Just A Click Away

The Armslist website, and others like it, are coming under increased scrutiny by law enforcement, gun control advocates and researchers as debate over access to these kinds of weapons heats up.

Beijing Says Apple's iPhone 6 Violates Chinese Design Patent

Beijing's intellectual property authorities have ruled that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus too closely resemble a smartphone by the Chinese company Shenzhen Baili.

Game Developers Try Hard To Appeal To Professional Competitors

They may not be lifting weights to get in shape, but eSports players train hard. And they're competing hard at this year's E3 conference for video gamers in Los Angeles. Top prize is $10,000.

E3 Conference Showcases New Kind Of Video Game Celebrity

Millions of video game fans have created a new kind of celebrity — gamers who play live while others watch online. NPR looks at the biggest video game trade conference, known as E3, through the eyes of two of these celebrities.

Decades After Cold War's End, U.S.-Russia Espionage Rivalry Evolves

In the 1980s, the FBI and NSA dug a tunnel for espionage purposes beneath the Soviet Embassy in Washington. The spy rivalry continues, but how has the game changed since the fall of the Soviet Union?

Under Pressure, Lawyer For Uber Drivers Slashes Her Fees

Uber is trying to settle a class action lawsuit, offering to pay up to $100 million to drivers. That amount is unprecedented, but critics say it may not be enough compensation for the drivers.

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Net Neutrality Rules

A federal court of appeals delivered a massive blow to Internet service providers in their legal battle against so-called net neutrality rules, which tightened regulatory oversight of the industry by the Federal Communications Commission. This was the FCC's third attempt to get its rules approved by this court.

Russian Hackers Penetrate Democratic National Committee, Steal Trump Research

The DNC says the Russian hackers had access to its computer network for more than a year, viewing and stealing files.

Video Game Trade Show Kicks Off Under Cloud Of Real-Life Violence

There were signs that E3's organizers were trying to bridge the contradictions between violent video games and the Orlando massacre. "Shooter games" are a significant part of the industry's sales.
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Some D.C. Voters See Change In Party Affiliation, Glitch In Mobile App Blamed

A glitch in the mobile app used by the D.C. Board of Elections has resulted in some voters seeing unexpected changes in their party affiliation, forcing them to cast special ballots in the city's closed primary taking place today.