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What Does It Take To Feel Secure?

Computer security expert Bruce Schneier says there's a big difference between feeling secure and being secure. He explains why we worry about unlikely dangers while ignoring more probable risks.

Bloomberg Terminals Go Dark For Hours, Sending Ripples Through Markets

The financial "screens" went dark for several hours during trading in London and Asia causing, among other disruptions, a delay in a British government debt issue.

Boston Marathon Surveillance Raises Privacy Concerns Long After Bombing

Boston jurors in the marathon bombing trial watched a nine-minute video pieced together from different surveillance cameras — some with surprisingly high resolution.

WikiLeaks Makes It Easy To Access Hacked Sony Pictures Information

Sony reacted angrily to the news that the leaked emails and private documents are now available in a searchable archive. WikiLeaks says they belong in the public domain.

The Hidden FM Radio Inside Your Pocket, And Why You Can't Use It

Most smartphones have a built-in FM chip. But whether or not it's activated is in the hands of the mobile carriers, who profit when you stream radio. The broadcast industry is pushing to change this.

Experts Divided Over Iran's Cyberactivity Since Start Of Nuclear Talks

The U.S. government and cybersecurity companies agree that Iran has greatly improved its cyberattack capability over the past two years.

LA Schools To Apple: You Owe Us

The Los Angeles Unified School District wants Apple to pay up for poorly performing software on its iPads.

On YouTube, A Global Archive Of Daily Life, Both Humble And Transcendent

The video-sharing website is now 10 years old. YouTube estimates that each day 432,000 hours of video gets posted on the service: a stunning record of our current civilization.

Men Strive To Give More To Charity When The Fundraiser Is Cute

If you're wondering how to get more people to contribute to your online charity drive, consider a photo of you smiling. Even better if you're an attractive woman. Biology is to blame, researchers say.
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D.C.'s Last, Best Stop For Electronic Junk And Household Gunk

Every Saturday, the Fort Totten Transfer Station is the place to unburden your home — and your conscience — of whatever doesn't seem to belong in the trash or recycling bins.