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How Is Giving A Once-Obscure Bill A Boost

The disastrous rollout of is giving an otherwise wonky piece of legislation new momentum. It's called the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, or FITARA, for short. And its two key sponsors are among the most unusual bedfellows in Congress.

Video Game Creators Are Using Apps To Teach Empathy

Trip Hawkins founded Electronic Arts, the company behind the Madden NFL video game. His latest venture is heading in a very different direction: using the advances in gaming technology to teach children emotional intelligence.

Selfies: The World Is More Interesting Because I'm In It

"Selfie" is the new word of the year, chosen by Oxford Dictionaries. Tell Me More and NPR's Social Media Project Manager Kate Myers talk about why people love sharing "selfies."

Russian App Wants E-Book Piracy To End, Happily Ever After

In an attempt to turn a page on rampant literary piracy in Russia, one Moscow-based company created a subscription e-book service that it hopes will decrease the incentive for free, illegal downloads.

Tech Team Podcast Episode 2: The Sharing Economy

If you missed any of the technology reporting team's reporting on the sharing, (or peer-to-peer) economy, you can catch up with our downloadable podcast of all the stories.

First Satellite Developed By High Schoolers Sent Into Space

The first satellite ever developed by high school students to make it to space is believed to be orbiting Earth after getting a ride aboard a U.S. military rocket Tuesday night from Wallops Island, Va. Fittingly, perhaps, you can send it a text message.

This Slide Shows Why Wouldn't Work At Launch

Check out this "red team" review of by private consulting firm McKinsey & Co., months before the federal health insurance site launched. One slide in particular shows why its chances of success were low from the start.

March Of The Indies: The Punk Rockers Of Video Games

Video games are increasingly seen as a deep, artistic medium, as much as a form of entertainment. But behind the big-budget behemoths of the video game industry sits the growing and expanding market of independent video games. These are games created by small teams and even solo developers.

Picture This: Selfie Is 'Word Of The Year'

Sorry, "twerking" fans. Your word didn't come close according to the experts at Oxford Dictionaries. When everyone who is anyone seems to have posted a photo of themselves on the Web, "selfie" was the natural choice.

Bitcoin Hits Record High After Senate Panel Told It's Legal

The cyber-currency was at the center of a Senate panel hearing Monday. Senators are looking into the way Bitcoin was used by the illegal drug marketplace that called itself Silk Road. But even with the scrutiny, Bitcoin investors drove the virtual currency to record highs.