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Making Your Device Your Best Travel Companion

With all the travel apps to pick from, how do you know which ones to are the most useful? NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Tom Samiljan, tech correspondent for Travel and Leisure magazine.

U.S. To Relinquish Remaining Control Of The Internet

The U.S. government is asking the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to gather global stakeholders and come up with a transition plan.

The Difficulty Of Making A Modern Airplane Disappear

The missing Malaysia Airlines flight was in contact with a satellite for hours after it vanished. Amid all the technology designed to keep it from doing so, how does a plane just disappear?

To Find A Flying Mystery, Search Turns To Eyes In Space

Brian Weeden, the technical advisor for the Secure World Foundation, explains the use of satellites in the search for the missing Malaysian airliner.

Melinda Gates Tweets About #NPRWIT Series

Tell Me More looks at the highlights so far from this month's "Women in Tech" series — on air and on Twitter.

U.S. Monitors For Cyber Operations In Crimea Standoff

The standoff between Russia and Ukraine is being watched closely to see how a tool of modern warfare, cyber operations, might be employed. So far, what's been seen isn't too sophisticated.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Takes White House To Task Over Privacy

In an open letter, the Facebook co-founder said the U.S. should be "a champion for the internet, not a threat."

Pew Study: Many Technophiles Also Love Libraries

A new study by Pew Research Internet Project has a surprise: people who use the old-school local library also tend to be highly engaged with technology.

Report: Target Missed Its Chance To Prevent Data Breach

The giant retailer was hit by a massive breach that exposed tens of millions of customer credit cards to cyberthieves. A Bloomberg Businessweek investigation found that Target missed early warnings.

SXSW Interactive Wrap-Up: So Much Fest, So Little Time

A look back at some of the bigger conversations and interesting ideas that emerged from the tech ideas fest and marketing bonanza.