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Chemist Wants To Change The Color Of Science

Minorities are historically underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and math fields. John Dimandja is a Congolese chemist on the faculty of Spelman College who's pointing the way into STEM careers for students of color.

What Brazil's Museum Of Tomorrow Means To Locals Today

The museum is meant to revitalize Rio de Janeiro and inspire environmental stewardship. To critics it's an eyesore that alienates the local community.

The Cybersecurity Argument For And Against Device Encryption

Government officials argue that encrypted communication poses national security risks. But tech companies say that making it possible to unlock devices would make the tools less secure for everyone.

Answering Your Questions About The Democratic Data Breach

A software bug allowing rival campaigns to see each other's data is a major problem. The Democratic National Committee is investigating what happened.


Libraries Lend Mobile Wi-Fi Hot Spots To Those Who Need Internet Service

The mobile Wi-Fi hot spots let people get Internet service anywhere there's a cell connection. The library in Spring Hill, Tenn., is joining the likes of big-city libraries in New York and Chicago.

Hip-Hop Vocab: The Lexicon Is In The Lyrics

College student Austin Martin has created a website that uses rap lyrics to teach vocabulary to middle and high school students.

Hoverboard Fires Linked To New Manufacturing Process In China

The hot gift this Christmas season is a hoverboard — those two wheeled electronic scooters. But they have been catching fire. The boards and the danger result from a new kind of manufacturing process on the rise in China.

Computer Glitch Allows 3,000 Inmates Early Release In Washington State

Since 2002, a computer error by the state's Department of Corrections permitted as many as 3,200 prisoners to be freed early. The department knew about the problem but a coding fix was never made.

I Asked A Computer To Be My Life Coach

Your online habits leave a constant digital trail. What does it say about the real you? I gave the world's most famous computer keys to my online life to see what it could tell me, about me.
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Future Tech: What's Ahead in 2016 and Beyond (Rebroadcast)

Digital futurist Amy Webb says automated bots, aerial drones, and virtual reality technology will soon affect how all of us live and work. We explore what's going to be big in tech in 2016 and beyond.