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Bowling's First 900 Score Still Disputed After 30 Years

NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Jeff Richgels, who writes the blog, "The 11th Frame," about when bowler Glenn Allison rolled 36 strikes in 1982.

With Improved Relations, Are The U.S. And Cuba Ready To Play Ball?

Cuban baseball has been struggling. A lack of money means facilities are in disrepair. Defections mean some of the best players have left. But new relations with the U.S. may mean new opportunities.

'Cheated' Out Of An Education: Book Replays UNC's Student-Athlete Scandal

Authors Jay Smith and Mary Willingham explain how the school steered athletes to pass-through courses in order to keep players eligible.

Kentucky Still Favored As March Madness Heads Into Sweet Sixteen

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Nicole Auerbach, who covers college basketball for USA Today Sports, about the 16 teams left in the NCAA men's college basketball tournament.

Wilson Sporting Goods Acquires Louisville Slugger Brand

The $70 million dollar deal will join the makers of Major League Baseball's official bat with the company that produces MLB's official glove.

For The Underdogs, Winning The NCAA Was Extra Sweet

The 1988 Kansas Jayhawks came from behind and won the championship. Three members of the team reflect on what they learned from the big game and what happened to them in the years after.

Actual Dramatic Comebacks Are Rare In NCAA Tournament

The first March Madness upset came last night, when number one seed Villanova lost to N.C. State. Mike Pesca, host of Slate's "The Gist" podcast, explains the drama to NPR's Rachel Martin.

Two-Time MVP Steve Nash Retires From NBA

After 19 years in the NBA, Steve Nash announced that he's retiring. In a letter published in The Player's Tribune, Nash wrote that his years spent with the Phoenix Suns were the time of his life.

NCAA Tournament: N.C. State Shocks No.1-Seed Villanova

The NCAA Tournament marked its first March Madness upset — No. 1 seed Villanova lost to North Carolina State Saturday night in Portland, Ore.

The Week In Sports: March Basketball, December World Cup

The Oklahoma City Thunder may have lost Kevin Durant for the season. Scott Simon talks with NPR's Tom Goldman about the week in sports.