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How Will 'Off-The-Field' Issues Affect Jameis Winston's NFL Prospects?

NPR's Arun Rath talks with ESPN's Sarah Spain about the presumed number-one pick in next week's NFL draft.

Eliud Kipchoge Edges Out Fellow Kenyans To Win London Marathon

In his first win of the iconic long-distance race, Kipchoge clocked 2:04:47. Wilson Kipsang, who won last year, placed second and world-record holder Dennis Kimetto was third.

Pick The Perfect Profanity To Season Your Message

Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price repeated a choice curse word 77 times in a press conference. NPR's Scott Simon defends profanity, but warns it can obscure meaning if too liberally applied.

Kansas City Royals Break Bad: The Week In Sports

The first rounds of NBA and NHL playoffs are in full swing. NPR's Scott Simon gets an update from's Howard Bryant.

Dwayne Bowe, A Former Chief, Flies To Kansas City For Fan's Funeral

He plays in Cleveland now, but when Dwayne Bowe heard that Betty Johnson, his favorite fan in Kansas City, had died, he flew in to pay his respects.

Bruce Jenner's Long History Of Clearing Hurdles

As Jenner prepares for an interview in which he's expected to talk about his gender identity, commentator Frank Deford looks back at the reality TV star's days as an Olympic athlete adjusting to fame.

MLB To Debut 'Statcast' Tracking Technology Tonight

Major League Baseball is ushering in a whole new era of statistics for TV screens during Tuesday night's Nationals vs. Cardinals broadcast. NPR asks sports writers if the new technology is too much.

What A Bleeping Day: Reds Manager Takes Media To Task

More than 80 profanities in under six minutes. That's the statistic baseball writers are talking about Tuesday, after Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price's tirade against the media.

Sad And Smelly: Massive Fish Die-Off At Rio's 2016 Olympic Site

More than 50 tons of dead fish have been removed from a Rio de Janeiro lagoon slated to host Olympic events. Specialists blame algae blooms but water quality has been a concern for Olympic organizers.

Universities Target MBA Programs Toward Professional Athletes

Pro football players can earn tens of millions of dollars in a career. Some schools are now catering to current and former athletes to show them how best to manage their money after they stop playing.