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What's The Secret To India's Paralympics Success?

Its athletes have won two golds, one silver and one bronze so far — an unexpected burst of excellence.
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Alexandria Packs Punch In Olympic Boxing

Kojo speaks with Olympic boxing silver medalist Shakur Stevenson and learns more about Alexandria's outsize role in championship boxing.


Radio Play-By-Play Announcer Describes Game Disruption

Kevin Harlan of Westwood One was broadcasting during Monday Night Football when someone ran onto the field. Harlan described him as a "goofball in a hat" and more. Police eventually tacked the man.

Hackers Release Data On 25 More Athletes From 8 Countries

Hackers who this week published confidential medical records of top U.S. Olympic athletes are at it again. The World Anti Doping agency confirmed the hackers released data on 25 more athletes.

NFL Pledges Another $100 Million For Study Of Head Injuries, Safety In Football

The $100 million figure represents 1 percent of the roughly $10 billion in annual income that the league and its teams have been reported to pull in.

Hackers Release Medical Records Of U.S. Olympic Athletes

NPR's Kelly McEvers talks with Christie Aschwanden, lead science writer for FiveThirtyEight, about the hacked medical records of U.S. Olympic athletes and therapeutic use exemptions in sports.

ACC Follows NCAA In Pulling Championships From North Carolina

The Atlantic Coast Conference decided to pull many post-season tournaments out of North Carolina this season due to a controversial state law. This move follows the NCAA decision to remove college championship games out of the state.

Why Abby Wambach Doesn't Want To Be Known 'Just As A Soccer Player'

Wambach scored 184 goals, more than any other man or woman in the history of international soccer. Still, she knew that someday that identity would end — and "what then?" Her new memoir is Forward.

ACC Takes Its Biggest Championships Out Of North Carolina, Its Home State

The decision covers eight neutral-site championships in sports ranging from women's soccer to swimming and diving and from football to golf and baseball.


NHL Revives World Cup Of Hockey; Team North America Features Rising Stars

The World Cup of Hockey starts this week, and it features two nonnational teams: a Team Europe and a Team North America, which highlights the best U.S. and Canadian players under the age of 23.