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Buckeye Fans Have No Doubt Ohio State Will Win The Championship

Gov. John Kasich is being sworn in for a second term, and his inaugural party will essentially become a black-tie tailgate. There will be big-screen TVs for guests who don't want to miss the game.

The New Economics Of College Football Playoffs

With the new NCAA football playoffs, the economics of the amateur league may be about to change. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Mike Pesca of about the money behind the games.

Skiing The Back Country Is Intoxicating, And Dangerous

Two promising young skiers died in an avalanche in Austria this week. In Yosemite, two climbers are scaling El Capitan. NPR's Scott Simon gets the latest from Outside Magazine's Grayson Schaffer.

Cowboys-Packers Game Promises To Be A Second 'Ice Bowl'

Two big matchups kick off Saturday in the second round of NFL playoffs. NPR's Tom Goldman updates Scott Simon on the latest, on-field and off.

As Dallas Comes To Town, Green Bay Remembers Historic 'Ice Bowl'

This weekend's playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys is being billed as the second "Ice Bowl." The 1967 game in Green Bay was one of the coldest football games ever played.

Los Angeles May Have Been A Safer Bet Than Boston For Olympics Bid

The U.S. Olympic Committee surprised everyone by tabbing Boston as its bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. Robert Siegel talks with expert on all things Olympics, David Wallechinsky for some answers.

Oakland A's Play Hardball To Win Distraught Young Fan's Allegiance

It's always tough to see your favorite player leave your favorite team. One young Toronto Blue Jays fan took it especially hard when the team traded infielder Brett Lawrie.

Boston 2024? City Is Chosen To Bid For Summer Olympics

Boston won a tight contest to become the next American city to bid for hosting an Olympics, beating out Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., for the right to vie for the 2024 Olympics.

Investigation Finds No Evidence NFL Saw Second Ray Rice Video

An independent investigation found no evidence the NFL saw a second video that showed a detailed assault by running back Ray Rice of his then fiance.

Investigation Finds No Evidence NFL Received Ray Rice Elevator Video

But the inquiry by former FBI Director Robert Mueller also says the league should have more thoroughly investigated the assault by the Baltimore Ravens star of his then-fiancee.