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The Physics Of A Football Player's Performance

The New York Giants' Brandon Jacobs is a 6'4", 270 pound running back. And with that kind of size, you think he'd be able to run right through would-be tacklers, especially when he only needs to pick up a few yards. But he often can't — Jacobs's stats are below average in those situations. A couple NFL greats and a physics professor have the answer.

3 Hidden Themes Of This Year's Super Bowl Ads

Watching the Super Bowl ads every year has become not only a parlor game but an annual checkup of the national zeitgeist. Research shows that more than half of those tuning in want to see the commercials as much as — or even more than — the game itself.

Something For The Fashionista Football Fan

Women make up a large portion of the National Football League's fan base. The NFL has made great efforts to better engage female fans. Host Michel Martin speaks to NFL Director of Apparel Rhiannon Madden about the women's apparel line and the "Fit For You" campaign.

Will Blue Laws Make For A Melancholy Super Bowl Sunday?

Fans hoping to toast a Giants or Patriots Super Bowl win in Indianapolis will need to stock up early on their champagne supplies — Indiana bans the sale of alcohol on Sundays. A patchwork of similar laws are in effect across the country.

Baseball's Josh Hamilton Reportedly Suffers Relapse; Seen Drinking At Bar

Hamilton, one of baseball's biggest stars, has been battling addiction demons for the last decade. The outfielder was the American League MVP in 2010.

QBs Manning, Brady Prepped For Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl XLVI is this Sunday in Indianapolis. The New York Giants face the New England Patriots in a game that features two top quarterbacks — Eli Manning and Tom Brady. Madonna will perform at halftime.

Indianapolis Examines Its Football Identity

Indianapolis is hosting the Super Bowl this Sunday where the Patriots will face the Giants. Indianapolis' home team, the Colts, had a miserable season and now the franchise is at a crossroads.