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Earl Williams' Odd Baseball Career

Earl Williams won baseball's National League Rookie of the Year award four decades ago. But when the Atlanta Braves traded Williams to the Baltimore Orioles, he clashed with his new manager. Just a few years later, he was out of baseball. Frustrated, he offered his skills in a New York Times ad.

The Man Behind The 'Moneyball' Sabermetrics

Bill James was working at a Kansas cannery when he came up with an idea that would transform baseball. The movie Moneyball tells the story of that idea and how the Oakland Athletics ran with it. James talks about the film and how his idea changed baseball.

Marathon Record Lowered By 21 Seconds

Kenya's Patrick Makau averaged about 4 minutes, 43 seconds per mile over the 26.2-mile course in Berlin. The previous record holder, Ethiopia's Haile Gebrselassie, had to stop because of exercise-induced asthma.

Stings Halt Diana Nyad's Cuba-Florida Swim

The 62-year-old endurance swimmer gave up her attempt after more than 40 hours of swimming. The cause: Painful man o' war stings, which medics warned could be life-threatening.
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NFL Impersonator Faces First-Degree Fraud Charges

A Fort Washington man accused of impersonating an NFL quarterback remains in custody with Prince George's County police.


For Hockey Player, Prison Saves Two Lives

Mike Danton served five and a half years in prison after he was convicted in a murder-for-hire scheme. After getting out, he joined a professional hockey team in Sweden. When a player collapsed during a recent game, Danton helped save his teammate's life using first-aid skills he learned in prison.