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Spotting An 'American Idol' Moment At The Olympics

In what may be a first, Monday brought product placement to the Olympics. Is this a sign of change? Will we begin seeing Pampers Diapers wrapped around the Olympic rings, as wrestlers grapple beneath them?

NCAA Hits Penn State With Unprecedented Penalties

They NCAA announced severe penalties against Penn State's football program on Monday in the wake of the sex abuse scandal involving assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. The NCAA banned the team from bowl games for the next four years, stripped it of all victories between 1998 and 2011 and fined the school $60 million.

Don't Count On A U.S. Medal In Badminton, Canoeing

Audie Cornish talks to David Wallechinsky about the United States' Olympic weak spots. What are the sports and events Americans rarely — if ever — win medals for? And what countries excel in those areas?

London Olympics Chief Tells Reporters: Let The Drinking Begin

In the Main Press Center, where thousands of journalists are gathered to cover the games, the call went out: Let the drinking begin! It was all part of a welcome party for the thousands of journalists covering the Summer Olympics.

Penn State Sanctions Charter 'Unprecedented' Ground, Author Says

The decision to forfeit the football team's victories since 1998 represents "a huge blow" all on its own, said author Ted Kluck. But that was only one of several harsh penalties leveled against the Nittany Lions.