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Dew Tour Returns To Ocean City This Summer

Ocean City vacationers may want to extend their stay a little longer this August, as the Dew Tour plans to bring it's extreme sports competition back to the coastal resort town this summer.


Looking Forward To Sunday Championship Football

Conference championship Sunday is almost as big as the Super Bowl, but without all those distracting halftime wardrobe malfunctions. Host Scott Simon is joined by NPR's sports correspondent Tom Goldman to discuss the upcoming games.

Fatsis Discusses NFL Playoff Games

Sportswriter Stefan Fatsis and Robert Siegel preview this weekend's American Football Conference and National Football Conference championship games, as four teams become the two to compete in the Super Bowl.

Palestinian Women Behind The Wheel, And Ahead Of The Pack

Palestine might not seem like a breeding ground for race car drivers. But that hasn't stopped a group of Palestinian women from driving very fast, winning races and making a name for themselves along the way.

Was One Skier's Underwear Too Slick?

Slovene racer Tina Maze says it's nobody else's business what she wears under her racing suit. But some competitors think her full body underwear gave her some sort of aerodynamic advantage.

Take Your Ball And Go Home? How Dare You!

When Serena Williams said recently that she doesn't love tennis, many people gasped and clutched their pearls. When we see someone who achieved what we couldn't, says Frank Deford, we're all the more put out if they can blithely turn their back on it.

L.A. Eyes Luring NFL Rams From St. Louis

St. Louis is hoping to hold onto the Rams, even after a dismal football season. The Rams can break their stadium lease if the city doesn't make major upgrades to the facility. St. Louis may have a hard time competing with the team's original hometown of Los Angeles, where there are two major proposals for a new stadium.