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Cardinals Take Game 3 With A Bang

Albert Pujols and the St. Louis Cardinals gave a performance for the record books Saturday night in Game 3 of the World Series. They beat the Texas Rangers 16 to 7. NPR's Mike Pesca reports.

Pujols Has 'Greatest Night' Ever, Cards Lead World Series 2-1

The Cardinals' star hit three home runs — joining Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson as the only players to do that in one World Series game. His team beat the Texas Rangers 16-7. Game four is tonight.

Pro Pitchers' Dirty Secret Rubbed On Every Ball

Without a little mud, pitchers in the pro leagues wouldn't be able to put enough topspin on their pitches. It can't be just any mud, either. Since the 1950s, all the mud in every major league clubhouse has come from the same secret spot.

Exonerated Boxer Fights His First And Last Bout

Light heavyweight Dewey Bozella won his first professional bout this week, at a time of life when most men are fighting male pattern baldness. Host Scott Simon takes note of the boxer, who made his professional debut at age 52 after spending a quarter-century in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

Rangers, Cardinals Tied Going Into Game 3

The World Series moves to Texas on Saturday, with the Rangers hosting the Cardinals for game 3. Scott Simon talks with NPR's Mike Pesca about what to expect.