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Atlanta, Boston Baseball Fans Underwhelmed By Season

Howard Bryant of and Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution talk to Melissa Block about disappointed baseball fans in Atlanta and Boston.

Tampa Bay Fans Thrilled By Team's Win

Tampa Bay is thrilled about its baseball team's win.

Baseball Stunners: Red Sox, Braves Suffer 'Big, Historic' Collapses

Until Wednesday night, no Major League Baseball team that had an 8-game lead for a playoff spot in early September had failed to qualify for post-season play. The Red Sox and Braves both managed to get into the record books for doing just that.

Red Sox Shut Out Of Playoffs As Rays Clinch Wild Card

The Tampa Bay Rays rallied from a seven-run deficit Wednesday to beat the New York Yankees and advance to the playoffs. The win shuts out the Boston Red Sox, who lost a close game to the Baltimore Orioles.

Bullfighting In Spain Stays Alive Despite Regional Ban

Spain's northeast region of Catalonia held its final bullfight last weekend, after voting to ban the practice last year. But elsewhere in the country, many Spaniards say the ban is more about politics than bullfighting — and they expect the tradition to continue.

Braves, Red Sox Fans Ready For The End, Ugly Or Not

There's one game left in baseball's 2011 regular season and four teams are tied for the last two playoff spots. It all ends tonight, or maybe not.