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Like The Lions, Detroit Finally Has A Winning Season

After many awful seasons this year's Detroit Lions are — can you believe it — undefeated. To add to the glory, each of the Detroit car makers is showing signs of health with increased quality and profitability. It's long-awaited good news for a city that's been through bad times.

Zen And 'The Art of Fielding': Baseball As Life

Chad Harbach's acclaimed debut novel, The Art Of Fielding, is full of wins and losses. But when a star player chokes, the book raises big questions about the things we chase in life — and what happens when we fall short.

Playoffs Start With Thrills, Chills And Rainouts

The 2011 baseball playoffs have begun, but fans are still reeling from perhaps the single most exciting end to baseball's regular season since Babe Ruth ate 30 hot dogs. Host Scott Simon talks with NPR's Tom Goldman about this week's playoff action and more.

Sailor Charts Solo Trip Into The Record Books

It's been more than a hundred days since Matt Rutherford has walked on dry land. With any luck, it'll be another 200 before he does. The 30-year-old Marylander is sailing around North and South America. Alexandra Gutierrez of member station KUCB in Unalaska reports that if he makes it, he'll be the first person to do the 23,000-mile trip alone and without stopping.

White House Visit No Happy Ending For '85 Bears

The 1985 Chicago Bears will finally be received at the White House — 26 years after their Super Bowl win. The years haven't all been kind to those of "Super Bowl Shuffle" fame, and some players have paid a price for our entertainment.

NHL Cracks Down On Head Checking

Michele Norris talks to sportswriter Stefan Fatsis about the NHL's crackdown on head checking on the ice.

Reports: Red Sox And Manager Francona Are Parting Ways

The Sox this year blew a big lead in the race for a playoff spot. But in eight seasons, Francona led them to two World Series titles.

NBA Star Kobe Bryant To Play In Italy, Club Official Says

According to the AP, the 33-year-old Bryant will be paid $3 million to play about 10 games, starting in October. It's another sign that the NBA season is in jeopardy. Players have been locked out by a labor dispute.