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If You Pay For Cable, You're A Hostage Of Sports

In television, sports is where the money is. And whether or not they watch live sporting events, cable subscribers pay to subsidize that coverage, every month. ESPN now collects an average of $4.69 for every cable home –– four times more than any other network.

Alabama Shuts Down LSU In BCS Championship Game

There are two kinds of compelling football games. One, when teams battle back and forth to a dramatic ending. The other, when one team dominates to such an extent that all you can do is watch in awe. Monday night, the University of Alabama treated football fans to the latter. The Crimson Tide won the BCS championship game 21-0.

Picture A Struggle: LSU And Alabama's Defenses Seen Deciding BCS Title

The consensus seems to be that tonight's BCS championship game between No. 2 Alabama and No. 1 LSU will be a defensive struggle, similar to the touchdown-free game they played on Nov. 5. But while they field elite defenses, LSU and Alabama's squads have very different strengths.

Steelers Dared Tebow To Beat Them, And He Did

After another Tebow "miracle" on Sunday, the Denver Broncos are advancing in the NFL playoffs. Tonight, college football caps its season with the "rematch of the century" between LSU and Alabama.

Tebow's 80-Yard Pass Sends Steelers Home

After several weeks of awful performances, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow delivered what his fans are calling the latest miracle of his young NFL career. Tebow's 80-yard pass-play with wide receiver Demaryius Thomas on the first play of overtime, clinched a stunning playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, 29-23.

Preview Of BCS Bowl Game

Alabama's Crimson Tide takes on the Louisiana State University Tigers in college football's Bowl Championship Series game on Monday. Guy Raz talks to NPR's Mike Pesca for a preview.