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The NBA Is Bullish On Christmas, By Necessity

In 2010, Phil Jackson, then the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, complained about the NBA's scheduling of games on Christmas Day. It seemed, he said, that "Christian holidays don't mean anything" any longer. With its season shortened, the NBA can't afford to skip the holiday this year.

Montrealers Reject New Interim Canadiens Coach

The new interim coach of the Montreal Canadiens is being rejected by fans of the hockey team. Not because of a losing record — but because he doesn't speak French. Robert Siegel speaks with Stu Cowan, sports editor of the Montreal Gazette.

Report: Ohio State Football Team 'Banned From Postseason Play Next Year'

Former coach Jim Tressel had to step down earlier this year because of numerous violations by the program. Now, new coach Urban Meyer faces the challenge of attracting recruits while being banned from going to bowl games for at least a year.

VIDEOS: Lights Go Out At Candlestick During 'Monday Night Football'

Pacific Gas and Electric isn't sure what caused the lights to go out twice at the San Francisco stadium. While the game was delayed, that didn't keep the red-hot 49ers from beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-3.

Power Outage Delays Start Of Monday Night Football

If you were ready for some football Monday night — too bad. The aptly named Candlestick Park in San Francisco lost electricity twice — causing a Monday night football lighting malfunction. The game started 20 minutes late due to darkness, and the second quarter blackout lasted almost as long.

Sports: Patriots Vs. Tebow's Faith; Bonds Sentenced

Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos face Tom Brady and the Boston Patriots; will angels on high find it hard to choose? Also, an NFL wide receiver is cut for drugs, selling, not using. Plus, Barry Bonds will have to spend a month in his mansion under house arrest. ESPN's Howard Bryant talks with host Scott Simon about the week in sports.