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Blind Sportscaster Bob Greenberg Remembered

Bob Greenberg died this week at the age of 67. He was a sportscaster, who happened to be blind. When I've told people he's one of the most extraordinary people I've ever worked with, there's usually polite incomprehension: A blind sportscaster?

Thousands Of British Troops On Olympic Guard Duty

When a private firm failed to meet its promise of providing enough guards for the Olympics, the British military was called in to "mind the gap" in security. A reported 3,500 British troops, some of them just back from Afghanistan, will step in to help guard Olympic venues.

Norman Sas, The Genius Behind Electric Football, Dies

The Madden NFL generation may not be able to relate to a game where you just had to hope the players went in the right direction. But to many of a certain age, it was one of the cool toys of the '60s and '70s. And it still has fans.

English Soccer's John Terry Found Not Guilty Of Racial Abuse

He had been accused of hurling racial insults at an opponent. The case has been front-page news in Britain. But a magistrate said today that there was doubt about whether Terry's words were meant as an insult.

Penn State Scandal: Freeh Uncovered More About Paterno Than State Did

The former FBI director's investigators were "more successful in burrowing into the traditionally closed university" than state investigators had been, writes Pulitzer-prize winning reporter Sara Ganim of Harrisburg's The Patriot-News.

Team USA Predicted To Take The Most Medals

The Summer Olympics games begin two weeks from Friday in London. It's expected the winners list will look something like this: Team USA will take the most medals, followed by China and then Russia. But China will take the most gold, followed by the U.S.

Paterno's Legacy Marred By PSU Sex Abuse Report

Penn State's trustees meet Friday, and will consider dozens of recommendations for changing the university's culture. Former FBI Director Louis Freeh says a lack of openness and accountability at the school allowed a sexual predator to abuse children there. After an eight-month investigation, Freeh concluded high-level officials knew Jerry Sandusky was abusing children but chose to keep that secret.

Report: Penn State Did Nothing To Stop Sandusky

A former FBI director has released findings from his investigation into the Penn State child sexual abuse scandal. The university's board of trustees commissioned the report, asking him to examine what led to the scandal and how such problems could be prevented in the future.

Sandusky's Scandal Still Rocking Penn State

Melissa Block talks to Penn State associate dean Marie Hardin about how the school's campus culture has changed as a result of the Sandusky trial and the university investigation.