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Usain Bolt Is Again The 'World's Fastest Man'

As he did four years ago in Beijing, the Jamaican won the men's 100-meter sprint.

Oscar Pistorius, The 'Blade Runner,' Misses Making Finals

The runner has artificial legs below his knees. To have made it into the semi-finals of the men's 400-meters race is amazing. But in the semis he was up against many who have faster finishes in their record books.

Big Win For Britain: Murray Takes Men's Tennis Title

Before a joyous home crowd at Wimbledon, Andy Murray defeated Switzerland's Roger Federer.

Badminton Federation 'Looking Forward' In Response To Scandal

Leaders of the Badminton World Federation say they'll take action later to avoid future problems. Four women's doubles pairs appeared to deliberately play poorly in their matches last week. They were disqualified.

Even A 'No' Is An Olympic Moment When It's Said By Michael Phelps

For one excited photographer, just getting the American swimmer to speak was a thrill.

Britain's Wiggins Starts A Row By Arguing For Bike Helmets

After the death of cyclist, the British star made the case for helmet laws. For that, he's been denounced in the U.K. by those who say such a law would make cycling less popular.