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Runner Takes On Record-Breaking Mission For Mom

Former Yale track star Sam Fox is trying to break the record for running the entire length of the Pacific Crest Trail all the way from Canada to Mexico. But, as Dave Iverson from member station KQED in San Francisco reports, this long distance challenge is about more than just the record books.

A Celtic Cure: Soldiers Use Hurling To Heal After War

Hurling, the sport that was created by ancient Celtic warriors, has found a niche following among some soldiers in the U.S. A group of National Guardsmen in New Hampshire formed a team to stay in shape after Middle East deployments. But they found benefits much more than physical.

NFL Sees Record Passing, Scoring

The first week of the NFL season produced some surprising results — and unlikely offensive fireworks. Was this an anomaly or a signal that this may no longer be your father's NFL? Sportswriter Stefan Fatsis talks to Michele Norris.
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Redskins Make Play For Solar Power

The Redskins are pioneering a new green energy initiative, generating significant chunks of their power using new solar panels.


Eckersley Discusses Rivera's 600th Save

Melissa Block speaks with Dennis Eckersley, a Hall of Fame pitcher and a studio analyst for the New England Sports Network and TBS. He talks about Mariano Rivera's 600th save, and what it takes to be a great closer for the winning pitch of a baseball team.

The NCAA And Its Treatment Of Student Athletes

The NCAA was created in 1906, at the behest of President Theodore Roosevelt, to protect and look out for the best interests of student athletes. In the latest issue of The Atlantic magazine, journalist Taylor Branch tracks how the organization evolved over the years into a body that now, he says, exploits young athletes for the financial gain of its member schools. Melissa Block talks to Branch about his article, which advocates for better treatment — and pay — for student athletes.