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Indy Mayor On The Big Game

This weekend, millions of Americans will watch the New England Patriots face-off against the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI, held in Indianapolis. Host Michel Martin speaks with Mayor Greg Ballard about why his city is a good venue for one of the biggest sporting events in America.

Angelo Dundee, 'Savvy Cornerman' For Ali And Others, Has Died

He trained not only Muhammad Ali, but also 14 other world champions, including Sugar Ray Leonard and George Foreman. Dundee was 90.

Gamblers Gear Up For Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is this Sunday in Indianapolis, and there's a lot of wagering to be done before kickoff. The New England Patriots are favored to beat the New York Giants.

Super Split: Bowl Has Connecticut At War With Itself

The state is part of New England, but many of its football fans pick the N.Y. Giants over the Pats. "Way back when, they were the only game in town," one fan says of the days before the Patriots came to the area in 1960. But feelings run deep on both sides — and nothing reveals that like a Super Bowl.

Signing Day: Like Christmas For College Sports

On National Signing Day, high school seniors can officially plight their troth to a college football program. And that means grown-up college football zealots are acting like kids at Christmas: "Who will Santa bring to my alma mater's team?"

Grumbling, Excitement Build For London Olympics

When London last held the games, the city was rebuilding after being bombed to smithereens by Hitler. Food and gas were still rationed. The athletes had no luxurious Olympic Village. This time, despite difficult economic times, the games will be far grander.

Women's Pro-Soccer League Cancels 2012 Season

The Women's Professional Soccer league has announced plans to cancel its 2012 season. The blame is pinned on a legal dispute between the league and owner of Florida's magicJack soccer club. Melissa Block talks with ESPN commentator and former professional soccer player Julie Foudy for more.