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College Playoffs Could Be 'Festival Of Football'

College presidents have agreed to a playoff system for big time college football. Guest host David Greene gets NPR's Mike Pesca's this development in college football.

For Italy's Balotelli, Racism On And Off The Field

The second biggest soccer tournament in the world — the Euro 2012 — wraps up Sunday in Kiev, Ukraine. One of the marquee names for the Italian side is Mario Balotelli. Born to parents from Ghana, Balotelli is constantly harassed by racist fans and sometimes by players on the field. Weekends on All Things Considered guest host Laura Sullivan speaks with Daniel Taylor of The Guardian about Balotelli's hot temper and how the taunts sometimes take their toll.

Sports: Talking Wimbledon Match-Ups

Host Scott Simon covers the latest from Wimbledon with Howard Bryant of ESPN.

Silent And Unsung, Ball Boys Keep Wimbledon Rolling

To make the cut, the tournament's ball boys and girls undergo months of rigorous training. They must remain stock-still during play, roll a perfect roll and bounce a perfect bounce. They must also have impeccable manners and complete command of the rules of the game.
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Fans Turn Out At AT&T National, Despite Heat

Despite record temperatures in the D.C. area on Friday, golf fans turned out in droves at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Md. to see Tiger Woods and co. play.