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Dew Tour Returning To Ocean City

After breaking attendance records last year in Ocean City, a national extreme sports tour is announcing its return.


At Boston Marathon: Hot Temps Lead To Slow Race

Temperatures in the 80s had officials worried about how some of the 27,000 runners would cope with the heat. Canada's Joshua Cassidy, though, sped over the course to set a new record for the wheelchair competition.

Clemens Faces Trial (Again) Over Doping Testimony

Baseball star Roger Clemens goes on trial for a second time Monday on charges that he lied to a congressional committee about using steroids and human growth hormone. His trial last July was aborted when federal prosecutors placed inadmissible evidence before jurors.

Sports And Life: Head-To-Head

It's the first in a series of conversations between host Rachel Martin and NPR sports correspondent Mike Pesca. Pesca digs deeper into big sports stories from the week, and brings one wildcard story that stayed under the radar.

Sports: NHL And NBA Playoffs

The march to the Stanley Cup is under way in Hockey. NBA teams are still jostling for spots in their post-season, and the Boston Celtics look like they're grinding their way to a fifth-consecutive playoff berth. Guest host Linda Wertheimer talks with NPR's Tom Goldman about playoffs in hockey and basketball.