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Relief Pitcher Admits Living A Lie, And Then Life Gets Complicated

A week before baseball's regular season ended, Florida Marlins pitcher Leo Nunez made a stunning admission: For the past 10 years, he lied about both his age and his name. Details about why he assumed someone else's identity are only now coming out.

The Luxurious Revenue College Sports Model

Football picks up most of the bills for all the other college sports that lose money. Should an athletic department be funded on the shoulder pads of poor kids?

Bicycles, China's Former Love, Get A Second Look

Bicycles, once seen as part of China's identity, have been displaced by a hunger to buy cars. But there are signs that the nation might be rekindling its love affair with the two-wheelers. Beijing hosts an elite cycling event this week.

ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr. Song From 'MNF' Over Hitler Remark

ESPN says it won't use Hank Williams Jr. in tonight's Monday Night Footballprogram, after the singer compared President Obama to Adolph Hitler earlier today. Williams made the remark on Fox News, while talking about Obama playing golf with Speaker John Boehner.

Lassos, Not Luaus, For Hawaii's Cowgirls

Hawaii's had cowboys since back in the 18th century. Today, their daughters carry on the tradition. At all-girl rodeos around the islands, women from 13 to 60-something barrel race, rope and ride.

Like The Lions, Detroit Finally Has A Winning Season

After many awful seasons this year's Detroit Lions are — can you believe it — undefeated. To add to the glory, each of the Detroit car makers is showing signs of health with increased quality and profitability. It's long-awaited good news for a city that's been through bad times.

Zen And 'The Art of Fielding': Baseball As Life

Chad Harbach's acclaimed debut novel, The Art Of Fielding, is full of wins and losses. But when a star player chokes, the book raises big questions about the things we chase in life — and what happens when we fall short.