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Will Football Remain King At Penn State?

The school has one of the most lucrative football programs in the country. But now, with a child sex abuse scandal coming to light, some are questioning the program's influence on campus.

Penn State Scandal Still Lacks A Lot Of Details

The child sex abuse scandal at Penn State is raising more and more questions about who knew what, when and what actions were, or were not taken. Elements of the unfolding scandal remain quite confusing. Former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky is charged with abusing young boys.

Baseball's Houston Astros To Switch Leagues In 2013

The team will move from the National League to the American. Also, Major League Baseball is adding one "wild card" team to each league's playoffs.

New Owners, New Dreams For Baseball Mecca

The iconic baseball diamond, two-bedroom house, and 193-acres from the 1989 movie Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa, was sold. About 65,000 people visit the free-admission site every year to play pick-up baseball and view the scenes from the movie. The new owners plan to develop the site, building a baseball/softball complex for national youth baseball tournaments.

Frank Deford: Is Football Culture The Core Of The Problem?

Commentator Frank Deford wonders if the very nature of the sport contributed to the events at Penn State.


Businesses Reeling In Wake Of NBA Lockout

After weeks of game postponements, the NBA league made a final offer to players — and the players rejected it. Canceling games affects players and fans, but it can also be devastating for the many businesses that revolve around the industry.
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UMD May Cut 8 Sports Teams

The University of Maryland may cut as many as eight teams from its athletics program next year as part of an effort to reduce the department's budget deficit. 


Penn State Scandal: More Suspected Victims; Sandusky Says He's Innocent

Former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky admits to showering with young boys, but says he there was no "intent of sexual contact." Meanwhile, The New York Times reports that more possible victims have contacted authorities.