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In Football, Ugly Uniforms Make A Statement

This week, University of Maryland debuted its new football uniforms — to mixed response. Robert Siegel talks with Paul Lukas who writes the "Uni Watch" column for ESPN. They discuss ugly uniforms in college football and why we're seeing so many of them.

Packers Fans Eager For Season Opener, Jobs Speech

During President Obama's jobs speech, Green Bay Packers fans will be preparing to watch the home team play. The Packers take on the New Orleans Saints in the NFL season opener. We know fans are excited about the game. But some people in Green Bay are just as eager to hear Obama's proposals.

Jet Carrying Top Russian Hockey Team Crashes

Officials said at least 43 people were killed when the plane crashed as it tried to take off from a town east of Moscow. The jet was carrying members of the Yaroslavl Lokomotiv hockey team, which lists several international stars in its ranks.

It's A Coin Toss: Presidential Speech Or Football?

Frank Deford wonders about the state of the nation when its citizens think a football game is more important than the president's economic address.
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Va. Public Sports May Soon Extend To Home-Schooled Students

A Virginia educational panel is considering legislation that would give home-schooled students access to public sports.


Rain Pushes Back U.S. Open Matches

It's a soggy day nine of the U.S. Open. Michele Norris talks with tennis writer Doug Robson about the winners and losers so far, and who's left standing.
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Stephen Strasburg Making 2011 Debut

After missing the entire season recovering from "Tommy John" surgery, Nationals pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg is poised to start Tuesday.


A 'Showdown' That Changed Football's Racial History

Much of the NFL integrated in the 1940s. The Washington Redskins held out until 1962. In a new book, historian Thomas G. Smith writes about how it took an ultimatum from the Kennedy administration to allow blacks into pro football in the nation's capital.