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Die-Hard Fans Attend Super Bowl Media Day

There's hype, hype and more hype in Indianapolis Tuesday. It's Super Bowl media day. And some die-hard fans are watching and listening to it all from the stands.

It's A Good Time To Be An L.A. Clippers 'Superfan'

The Lakers have Jack Nicholson. Los Angeles' other NBA team has "Clipper Darrell." He has missed only one home game in the past nine years and shows up in full Clippers gear to taunt the other team. Now that his team is no longer second fiddle in Los Angeles, Clipper Darrell is in his element.

'I Am A Boxer': Fighter In The Ring, Lady Outside It

This summer in London, female boxers will compete in the Olympics for the first time. The women competing for a spot on the U.S. team will make history, but few know who they are — and why they box.

Multiple Views Add Perspective To Colten Moore's Extreme Crash At X Games

Coming so soon after the death of freestyle skier Sarah Burke following a training accident, 22-year-old snowmobile freestyler Colten Moore's crash may make you shudder. But rest assured, he wasn't seriously injured — and went on to win the event.

Michelle Kwan's Slow And Steady Workout Jams

The figure-skating legend says the sport is more grueling than you might think. To keep from pushing her body too hard, Kwan says she relies on a ballad-heavy playlist.
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UMD Officials Warn Students To Behave After Game

Officials from the University of Maryland are warning students that there will be consequences if there is another riot after tonight's basketball game against Duke University.


As A Coach, Paterno Was One Of A Kind

For a moment, put aside how Penn State's Joe Paterno — whose credo was "Success with Honor" — acted with regard to pedophilia, and consider Coach Paterno, which is what he still was barely 11 weeks ago. Will any college coach ever again possess the power he did over his university? It doesn't seem likely.