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NBA Cancels Training Camp, Preseason Games

Michele Norris and sportswriter Stefan Fatsis talk about the NBA lockout. The league announced Friday it has canceled training camp and 43 preseason games.

'Moneyball': Tracking Down How Stats Win Games

In 2002, the Oakland A's made history, winning 20 games in a row to set a new American League record. In Moneyball, writer Michael Lewis goes behind the scenes and explains how the A's used statistics and analytics to compete with teams with much bigger payrolls.

Yankees Help Red Sox Stay In The Hunt

Boston Red Sox fans are in a most uncomfortable position. They may have to cheer for the Yankees. Since early September, a Sox losing streak has erased most of a nine-game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays for the wild card playoff spot. Boston's September slump is resurrecting bilious memories of classic late-season fades, and it has some Sox fans even pulling for Yankees, who have the power to keep the Rays at bay.

Some Pro Baseball Teams Restrict Energy Drinks

A story in USA Today reports some Major League Baseball teams are discouraging their players from consuming energy drinks. Others have banned the drinks from clubhouse refrigerators. The reason: There is a fear that the drinks will contribute to dehydration and other side effects.

'Moneyball' Is About More Than Just Baseball Stats

The movie Moneyball opens Friday. Based on the Michael Lewis book, it focuses on the rise of advanced statistical analysis in Major League Baseball.

Missing Giants Fan Found Living In L.A.

Melissa Block has an update on the whereabouts of Billy Chamberlain, a super fan of the San Francisco Giants. When Billy went missing, the Giants became worried.