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Basketball Brackets & Billions of Dollars

Sports writer Dave Zirin joins us to explore the big business behind the NCAA basketball tournament, and where the athletes who play the games fit in - and don't.


Michigan State Is First No. 1 Seed To Be Bounced

Florida, Louisville, Ohio State and Syracuse won Thursday to reach the "Elite Eight" in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Four more contests tonight will determine the rest of the field.


NCAA Men's Tournament Roundup

The regional round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament started Thursday night with Syracuse beating the University of Wisconsin 64 to 63. University of Louisville eliminated Michigan State, one of the No. 1 seeds in the tournament, 57 to 44. Ohio State trounced the University of Cincinnati, 81 to 66. And the University of Florida emerged victorious against Marquette University, 68 to 58. More action is on board Friday with college basketball powerhouses from North Carolina, Kansas and Kentucky.

Saints Penalized By NFL For 'Bounty' Scheme

Robert Siegel speaks with James Varney, a sports reporter for the Times-Picayune, about recent sanctions against the New Orleans Saints and what it means for the fans, players, and the NFL.


Stricken Soccer Player Fabrice Muamba Continues Recovery

Muamba, who plays for Bolton in the English Premier League, was "in effect, dead" for 78 minutes after suffering a heart attack, his doctor says. But doctors kept working. Multiple defibrillator shocks got his heart beating on its own again.