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Soccer Fails To Give Greeks Much-Needed Boost

The soccer game between Greece and Germany in Poland Friday was always about more than just sport. There's a lot of friction between these two nations, thanks to the eurozone crisis. Plus, NPR's Philip Reeves reports, this was a crucial game: The winner goes through to the semifinals of the European Championship.

'Who Would Believe A Kid?' The Sandusky Jury

Former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, once the heir apparent to legendary football coach Joe Paterno, was convicted of sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15-year period. After the verdicts were read Friday night, his attorney told reporters why Sandusky didn't testify on his own behalf.

40 Years On, Title IX Still Shapes Female Athletes

The landmark Title IX changed the face of women's sports, becoming the most recognizable part of the federal legislation signed into law on June 23, 1972. But its guarantee of equal access in student athletics has not always played out, and the law has its critics.

Germany Knocks Greece Out Of Euro Championship

The win sends Germany to the semifinals for a record seventh time.

4th Grader Lets School Know She's Got Rights

When the girls basketball team was cut from Charlotte Murphy's Pittsburgh school last year, the then 4th grader told the superintendent that the cut went against Title IX. For the 40th anniversary of Title IX, the law that prohibits schools from discriminating on the basis of sex, host Michel Martin talks to Murphy and Superintendent Linda Lane.

In Debt, Greece Looks To Soccer For A Win

While Greeks are facing tough austerity measures, they are hopeful there soccer team will beat Germany in the quarterfinals of the Euro championship. Germany may have a better economy, but Greeks are betting on their team to prevail.