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NCAA's Big Dance Available On Small Screens

During March Madness, there's no shortage of options to watch basketball games. Fans can watch on their TVs at home or stream it on a computer at work. But the hot ticket this year is streaming it on a smartphone.

Selection Sunday Reveals NCAA Tournament Seeds

The No. 1 seeds in this year's NCAA men's basketball tournament are: Kentucky, Syracuse, North Carolina and Michigan State. Of the field of 68 teams, Kentucky is the overall top seeded

Record-Setter Says He Won't Run Backward Anymore

Achim Aretz holds the Guinness World Record for running the half marathon, backward. But now, the 27-year-old German athlete says he's tired of doing something almost no one else does and wants to head in a new direction. Reporter Caitlan Carroll caught up with him in Hannover, Germany.

Preview To March Madness

If it's March, it's time to talk about college basketball. Robert Siegel talks with Stefan Fatsis about the current season.

With 'Mouth To Snout' CPR, 'Mushing Mortician' Saves Iditarod Dog

This week while running in the Iditarod dog sled race, Scott Janssen's 9-year-old husky Marshall collapsed. He looked to be dead. But Janssen saved the dog, who now seems to be good as new. The funeral director isn't used to doing that kind of thing.

The Seamy Side Of Youth Basketball

March Madness is the biggest month in college basketball. But the madness can start long before students get to college. Some coaches with little or no experience recruit kids as young as eight, dangling big dreams in front of families. Host Michel Martin speaks with George Dohrmann about his book Play Their Hearts Out.