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Terminally Ill Player Scores First Basket Of NCAA Season

College freshman Lauren Hill has a rare form of brain cancer. One of her dying wishes was to play college basketball, and the NCAA allowed a game to be moved up by two weeks so she could.

New Players In The NBA: Big Data, User-Controlled Jumbotrons

We're way beyond instant replays. Last year, the NBA began tracking the movements of players in every single game, and this season, new tech gadgetry is popping up on some arena's big screens.

From Bad To Worse: A Tough Day For The Washington Redskins

It began with a bus crash and protests over the team's name and ended with a 29-26 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Kenyans Wilson Kipsang, Mary Keitany Take NYC Marathon Titles

Kipsang has also won in Berlin and London in just over a year. Keitany, a one-time London Marathon champ, was running in her first 26.2-miler since giving birth in 2012.

'We Need To Talk': Sports News By Women, But Men Can Watch, Too

This fall, CBS launched the first sports talk show with all female commentators. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to panelist Amy Trask about the show, and the evolving role of women in sports journalism.

Some NBA Teams Are Bad, And Some Are Just Awful

It's easy to pick basketball's frontrunners. But's Mike Pesca tells NPR's Rachel Martin the interesting story is about the worst teams in the NBA, and why being bad might be a good strategy.

Ray Rice Hearing, LeBron James Playing This Week In Sports

The baseball season is officially over and that means basketball has begun. NPR's Scott Simon talks sports with NPR's Tom Goldman.

Despite A Royals Loss, There's Still Joy In Kansas City

Must history always be written by the victors? The Kansas City Royals may have lost in a crushing defeat, but their fans are still grateful for a season that some have said, "dropped out of the sky."
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Dispute Over Football Team Name May Head To Federal Court

Friday, Federal judge Gerald Bruce Lee heard from the Washington Redskins, a group that wants the federal court system to overturn a ruling from the United States Patent Trademark Board.

College Football Might Not Look That Much Different Without BCS

The much-despised Bowl Championship Series is gone and in its place is the playoff fans have wanted for years. So that's the end of the controversy, right? Stefan Fatsis talks to Audie Cornish.