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Major College Football Edges Closer To Playoffs

It looks like the sport is headed to a four-team tournament. Good idea?
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Redskins Draft Heisman Winner Robert Griffin III

It's a good day to be a Redskins fan, after the team selected 2011 Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III in the second pick of the NFL draft last night.


Charlotte Bobcats Are NBA's Worst Team Ever

Michael Jordan, one of the greatest players in basketball history, has one more record. It's not likely a record he wanted. He's the owner of the NBA's worst team ever. The Charlotte Bobcats have seven wins and 59 losses.

NFL Draft: Quarterbacks Go In First Two Picks

The first round of the 2012 NFL draft was held at New York City's Radio City Music Hall Thursday. The top-two picks are two of the most highly regarded quarterbacks to enter the NFL in quite some time. After those players were selected, teams began furiously trading picks and players in order to secure their presumed slice of future greatness.

American Whiz Rises Up In The World Of Ping-Pong

China has long dominated the sport of table tennis, winning almost every Olympic medal since 1992. That's not likely to change at this year's Summer Olympics, but one young American athlete may be on her way to giving China a run for its money.

'Foul' Behavior At Baseball Game Goes Viral

Robert Siegel and Melissa Block have the story of an uproar caused by a foul ball at a Yankees and Rangers game.