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In Hockey Playoffs, A Question Of Fairness

Guest host David Greene talks with NPR sports correspondent Mike Pesca about his sports idea for the week, plus a little something out of left field.

The Woes Of Washington Baseball Fans

After decades of woe for Washington baseball fans, they finally have something to cheer about. The Washington Nationals are tied for first in the National League. Host Scott Simon talks to Washington Post sports columnist Tom Boswell about the recent highs and numerous lows of baseball in the nation's capital.

Sports: NBA Playoffs About To Begin

Host Scott Simon talks about the latest news in sports with NPR's Tom Goldman.

NHL Playoffs Head Into Second Round

Robert Siegel talks to sportswriter Stefan Fatsis about the NHL playoffs.

For Baseball Fans, May The Force Be With You

What if Darth Vader was controlling not just the Death Star, but also the Yankees? Commentator Hart Seely thinks he, like Luke's father, can influence plays on the field from afar. How do you affect your team from your couch? Tell us your secret baseball-watching rituals in the comments.

Major College Football Edges Closer To Playoffs

It looks like the sport is headed to a four-team tournament. Good idea?