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Baseball Has Week In Doping Spotlight Too

NPR's Mike Pesca joins Weekend Edition Sunday guest host Linda Wertheimer to talk about two high-profile steroid suspensions in baseball.

Making Peace With Our Cyborg Nature

What rankles so many of Lance Armstrong's detractors is the sense that somehow, he artificially enhanced himself to reach seemingly superhuman heights. Yet the story of modern humans, argues philosopher Alva Noe, is a story of our integration with artificial and mechanical enhancements.

Armstrong Decision Ripples Outside Of Sporting World

NPR's Tom Goldman chats with host Scott Simon about cyclist Lance Armstrong's bombshell move: He ended his fight against charges that he used performance-enhancing drugs.
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Bethesda Honors Its Three Olympic Heroes

Bethesda, Md., was lucky enough to be represented by three Olympians in the 2012 games in London, including 15-year-old gold medal winner Katie Ledecky, and the town turned to celebrate.


Can Livestrong Survive Armstrong's Fall?

Lance Armstrong's announcement that he would no longer fight doping allegations might seem a crushing blow to his foundation for cancer survivors. But Livestrong's CEO says that "for the organization, it's the right thing."

Lance Armstrong: When A Hero Lets Us Down

The Hall of Fallen American Heroes is long and wide. There is a portrait of Bill Clinton. Over there is a sculpture of Tiger Woods. Toppled from that pedestal is Gary Hart. Watch out for the broken busts of John Edwards, Richard Nixon, Pete Rose, Mark McGwire and many, many others. Should the curators now make room for Armstrong?

Lance Armstrong Banned For Life, Stripped Of Titles

Lance Armstrong's decision to stop fighting the doping case against him has drawn mixed reactions from the cycling world and elsewhere.