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Behind The Plate, A Baseball Catcher Tells All

Brad Ausmus has been called one of the best catchers in baseball. He spent 18 seasons in the big leagues, playing for teams like the Dodgers and the Padres. He details what it's like to crouch behind home plate, deal with umps and make pitching calls.

Check It Out: St. Louis Keeps Adding To Its Chess Prowess

Already home to the World Chess Hall of Fame and the national chess championships, the city has now attracted an entire collegiate championship team.

Former Players Sue NFL Over Head Injuries

Robert Siegel talks to former football player Rich Miano about his lawsuit against the NFL. Miano was starting defensive back for the New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles in the 1980s and 1990s.

Can Baseball Ever Get Clean?

On baseball's opening week, Audie Cornish talks with ESPN investigative reporter T.J. Quinn about how far the MLB has come in regulating steroid use among its players.

'Kill The Head, The Body Will Die,' NFL's Gregg Williams Heard Telling Players

In a profanity-laced recording made during a pregame meeting, the former Saints coach is heard talking about which players on the opposing team he wants to be targeted and what injuries they might be vulnerable to.
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Elite American Kayakers Vie For Olympic Gold

Maryland natives Caroline Queen and Ashley Nee are longtime friends... and among the nation's top kayakers. At the 2012 Olympic trials (April 12-14), they're going head-to-head for a chance to compete for the gold in London.