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Young Chess Champ Talks About The Game

Lynn Neary speaks with Awonder Liang and his father Yingming "Will" Liang. Awonder recently won the under-8 division at the Youth World Chess Championships, which were held this year in Brazil. Awonder says he used to play with his older brothers, but now he's too good for them and they hate to lose.
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Playing To Win: The D.C. Sled Sharks

A different kind of ice hockey team is giving kids with physical disabilities the chance to go for the goal.


Reports: Albert Pujols Has Signed To Play For The Angels

Considered by most experts to be the best active player, Pujols has 445 career home runs and a .328 career batting average. He would be leaving the St. Louis Cardinals.

Cricket's Sehwag Smashes Tendulkar's Record

Less than two years after India's Sachin Tendulkar achieved cricket superstardom by recording a "double century" in an international match, his record has been broken.

A Bird's-Eye History Of Walking On Stilts

In 1411, the count of Namur banned the use of stilts in the Belgian city. Over the past 600 years, the elevated footwear has been used for everything from putting up drywall to fishing and even jousting.