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Art Modell Was Hero, Villain To Football Fans

Football icon Art Modell has died. Modell was hero to Baltimore Ravens fans because as owner of that NFL team he brought them a Superbowl. But it's a different story in Cleveland, where Browns fans vilify him for moving the team to Baltimore after a dispute with Cleveland political leaders.
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As Strasburg's Season Wanes, A Debate On Inning Limits After Tommy John

Washington Nationals ace pitcher Stephen Strasburg's time on the mound is short this season, despite the team's likely appearance on the playoffs.  


NFL Owner Art Modell Dies; He Was 'Vilified' In Cleveland, A Hero In Baltimore

To Cleveland fans, his decision to move to the team to Baltimore in 1996 was one of the darkest days in the city's sports history. But to Baltimore fans, he was the man who brought the city a Super Bowl.

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Baltimore To Celebrate Phelps, Other Olympians Monday

Maryland will celebrate their own on Monday, when they receive 22-time gold medalist Michael Phelps as well as other state Olympians at the Inner Harbor.


Oscar Pistorius Seeks Redemption In Race To Be The World's Fastest Amputee

At the Paralympics, the South African double amputee faces his rivals in the 100-meter sprint.

NFL Starts Regular Season Without Its Regular Refs

The NFL starts its regular season tonight with replacement referees. A labor dispute has sidelined the regular refs. Some players and fans say the game is suffering.