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Harvard Grad, Cello Player: The 'Other' Jeremy Lin

We hear from a non-basketball-playing Harvard grad named Jeremy Lin, who has to deal with the fact that a classmate with the same name is now an NBA star.

Will Life After 'Lin' Change NBA Recruiting?

The New York Knicks lost to New Jersey Monday night, but sudden NBA sensation Jeremy Lin had another strong game with 21 points. Lin has been racking up big numbers since exploding on the scene a few weeks ago. The Knicks have won all but two games during that stretch. Did scouts miss a diamond in the rough, did Lin take full advantage of a unique situation — or was it both? And will his performance hasten the emergence of other "Jeremy Lin"s in the league?

Baseball's Spring Training Begins; Opening Day Is April 4

Major League Baseball's spring training has begun, as catchers and pitchers have made their way to Florida and Arizona to prepare for the 2012 season. Stories so far include young stars Buster Posey and Stephen Strasburg returning to the Giants and Nationals, respectively.

Through RecordSetter, Everyone Can Be World Champ

If a feat is "quantifiable and breakable" and there is media proof of it, RecordSetter's co-founder says, the website will recognize it as a world record. The website accepts submissions for just about anything.

Romney To Relive Olympic Glory As Campaign Grasps For Gold

Utah is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, which Mitt Romney claims credit for rescuing. While the attention could help Romney's recently struggling presidential campaign, Democrats are just now raising questions about Romney's widely lauded stewardship of the games.

As Ivies Boost Financial Aid, Teams Up Their Game

The men's basketball team at Jeremy Lin's alma mater, Harvard University, is making its mark on the national scene — and benefiting from powerful Ivy League recruiting tools: a stellar academic reputation and a big increase in financial aid.