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Before Olympics, U.S. Basketball Gives Itself Hard Tests; Spain Awaits

The U.S. Olympic basketball team narrowly beat Argentina in a warmup game late Sunday, 86-80. The game was played in Barcelona, inspiring the U.S. players to wear throwback "Dream Team" jerseys. Tuesday, the squad faces a stiffer test: an exhibition game against world No. 2 Spain.

Ochocinco Is Oh So Over; NFL Player Officially Goes Back To His Old Name

The wide receiver is once again Chad Johnson. Now, we turn our eyes toward the NBA's Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest).

Hometowns Help Cheer Olympians To Victory

It didn't seem like U.S. sprinter Lauryn Williams' father, would get to attend the Olympics to see her compete in 2004. But residents of her hometown in Rochester, Pennsylvania raised money to make it happen, and he saw her win a silver medal. Tell us: Who's your hometown Olympian?

Putting Penn State's Punishment In Perspective

Pointing to an "unprecedented failure" at the top levels of Penn State leadership, the NCAA announced wide-ranging sanctions against the football program. NPR sports correspondent Mike Pesca talks about public reaction and what it could mean for the future of Penn State football.

Many Muslim Olympians Get A Break On Ramadan Fasting

Hundreds of Muslim athletes are participating in the London Olympics, which officially begin Friday. But along with travel and other logistics, they're also adjusting to Ramadan, the holy month that requires them to fast.

Penn State Sanctions Worse Than 'Death Penalty'?

The NCAA laid out severe penalties against Penn State University today - in light of a child rape scandal. The school's football team has been banned from post-season play, docked scholarships, fined heavily, and stripped of past victories. Michel Martin discusses the penalties with Sports Illustrated's Pablo Torre.