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Cyclist's Swift Ride From Wall Street To The Olympics

Four years ago, Evelyn Stevens was an investment banker who started entering bicycle races. But she rose through the cycling ranks quickly, and next month she'll represent the United States at the London Olympics.

Tiger Woods' Incredible Chip: You Can Do It Too (Yeah, Right)

Jack Nicklaus calls it "the gutsiest and best shot I've ever seen in my life." And the PGA Tour has posted a lesson on how it was done — though it concedes that knocking the ball into the hole is "Tiger-esque."

Fans Riveted By NBA Conference Playoff Games

The Boston Celtics defeated Miami Heat Sunday night in overtime, 93-91. The Eastern Conference finals of the NBA playoffs are tied at 2-2. In the Western Conference final series, the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs are also tied 2-2.

If Gorecki 'Produces At this Level, He'll Get Signed'

David Greene checks in again with Reid Gorecki, who is playing baseball this summer with the Long Island Ducks. Reid is one of two minor league players Morning Edition is tracking this season as they try to make a big league roster.

Wanna Make A Bet On Horse Racing?

Host Rachel Martin talks to NPR's Mike Pesca about betting on the Belmont Stakes and boxing.